1. @extebert I remember hearing that Ghost in the Shell was good and then finally watching a movie with the name and thinking it was incomprehensible garbage. After which I basically wrote it off and internelly decided that everyone who liked it must have just had cherry taste. But looking at it again it seems there are a lot of differerent things called GITS. Which one of them would you recommend? The manga?

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    1. @ayy @extebert gonna butt in to say that the GITS: Stand Alone Complex and its sequel are fantastic shows and the best the series have to offer

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      1. @shpuld @ayy @extebert i havent seen it but it's on my backlog

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    2. @ayy @extebert was it the hollywood movie you saw, or one of the animated films? The 1995 movie is often seen as influential (it's well done and has an amazing soundtrack), but the original manga is imho better

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    3. @ayy I also thought the anime made no sense the first time I watched it, but going back recently I think I got it. Might try a third viewing.

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      1. @scribus i liked Appleseed, and that felt like Gits, even though I never watched Gits.

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