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    Basically socially inept, sheltered people bitter at the outside world that thus ignore it and focus on their own online community.
    In any case, does having a main character that is morally reprehensible really make a work of fiction bad? Say for example, suicide squad is about worst of the worst criminals going on a mission. Does having that kind of cast as main characters make the entire franchise horrible and disgusting? not really. Sometimes the characters are awful and don't click with the viewer, it's my case with inglorious basterds which I can't watch as I see it as a celebration of the whole spectrum of crappy human behaviour. That doesn't mean it's objectively bad in every way.

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    1. @nerthos to be fair with Inglorious Basterds’s case that’s most of Tarantino films; at least is how I’m starting to see them.

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      1. @awl I've always seen his movies as the cinematic version of tracing. If every shot is some kind of homage, what is he, himself, actually doing?

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        1. @scribus that’s a viewpoint I’ve heard often when it comes to his works as well. (He himself is debaucherising cinema lol)

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