1. I watched 3 episodes of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and I think it's a good series so far.

    about 22 days ago from web
    1. @adiwan I ended up watching the whole thing in three sittings on Saturday. Dug it. But it did leave me with a hankering to go back to the 90s sitcom with Melissa Joan Hart... And the CAOS comic (which doesn't seem to have published in a year or more).

      about 18 days ago from web
      1. @scribus I threw out my previous experiences about the old Sabrina series straight away when watching this one. They are totally different but also similar in many aspects. I'd have a bad time if I clinged to the old series. All I knew was that there was a dark comic series that this one was adapting and I heard it was good, so I gave it a chance to stand on its own. Well... I missed a snarky Salem to be honest.

        about 18 days ago from web
        1. @adiwan Yeah, I tried and did pretty well at keeping things separate. I had read about the first 6 comics, so I had an idea what to expect instead, but live-action YV comparisons are kind of inevitable. And saw some sweet messages from the old cast to the new, too. :)

          about 18 days ago from web