1. My improvised "heated" chamber for my 3d printer. It achieves to maintain 38°C (room temperature 20°C) just from the heat bed that is at 100°C.

    Sunday, 06-Jan-19 18:04:03 UTC from web
    1. @adiwan Haha, oh wow, how delightfully nicely improvised. I can smell the masking/painters tape from here.

      You know I just realized while popping the bubble wrap of my latest package from China ( its a pointery lasery thingie ), the bubble wrap is almost universally made from Poly ( PP ) and no way that stuff would melt at those temperatures. At least the chamber, in no way am I going to risk saying anything about the heat bed in conjunction with cheap Chinese plastics.

      Sunday, 06-Jan-19 20:09:39 UTC from web
      1. @drinkingpony I'm glad you like my s(t)ick(y)-nasty improvisation skills.

        Polypropylene is extremely durable and I'd like to print with it one day, however it is extremely finicky. Once it needs to be printed at 260°C (I cannot do this with my printer because I'd gas out toxins from the PTFE tube), you need other polypropylene (sticky tape) to make it stick to the heat bed otherwise it slips off the bed, it sucks out the moisture like nothing from the air and thus creating nasty bubbles while printing, and it warps worse than ABS. But right now I'm already annoyed enough by ABS so it'll take me a whole new printer to even think to print with it (also PP is relatively expensive).

        Sunday, 06-Jan-19 20:21:44 UTC from web