1. I kinda wish there was an English news source from/about Brazil. There seems to be a LOT going on there which is cause for some ruckus with some of my Brazillian co-workers. Even though what is happening is like half a planet away and 'it' probably does not change anything if you are angry about it.

    That said I'd kinda like to know more in-detail stuff.

    about 5 months ago from web
    1. @drinkingpony Learn Spanish, and then drink until it turns into Portugese?

      about 5 months ago from web
      1. @scribus It worked when trying to learn German to a moderate degree.

        "Ich saufe darum bin ich" But you need to be carefull lest you get to the "Saufen bis zum Verlust der Muttersprache" stage too quickly.

        Something Something Oktoberfest.

        about 5 months ago from web
      2. @scribus @drinkingpony If you have a very good grasp of Spanish you can read Portuguese just fine, that's how I used to keep up with Mushi's faceplace posts and stuff he linked.

        You absolutely won't be able to understand spoken Portuguese though, specially from Brazil.

        Do ask mush mush about it if interested, he might have some sites detailing what's going on, and I'm not against roughly translating from Portuguese to English if needed.

        about 5 months ago from web