1. Option 1 : pay some 150 Dollars for some cards I want for a TCG.

    Option 2 : I could scourge every shop I know that has those cards and browse their collector maps until I find what I want to have, probably still have to pay a lot, but I probably get to meet a truckload of new people who also like that TCG, and if I actually use my bicycle I might lose some body weight.

    ... Why is choosing this obvious thing so hard ?

    about a year ago from web
    1. @drinkingpony WTF $150 for cards. I pay a little less for all the comics I read every month.

      about a year ago from web
      1. @adiwan Lets just say that everyone who has a deck (either store bought or assembled from card tradeing websites) is going to whoop my ass when I show up with my deck that I scraped together with the stuff that I collected over the years.

        Also, 150$ for essentially 100 cards is not that much considering that some top-tier decks are worth way over a thousand.

        Also the price is bound to go only up. Unless if the hobby crashes.

        about a year ago from web