1. To hobby solder with solder that has lead ( Pb ) in it. Or do I make it all about 15 degrees of hell hotter and go lead-less, try to learn to solder with what is essentially almost pure tin using flux that could pose equal if not greater health risks. Why are there no simple answers ?

    about 24 days ago from web
    • @drinkingpony I think solder with Pb is mostly banned because of the problems when recycling. I used both and they are very similar in handling to my layman eyes. People swear on Pb solder because it creates a more flexible joint and is thus more reliable with age and board flex. I cannot confirm that claim. Of course flux is not healthy when inhaled, and is neither Pb. I guess for a hobbyist who uses solder rarely it isn't such a huge problem either way.

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    • @adiwan Inhaling Pb ? That stuff does not boil untill 2022 Kelvin.

      But yeah, I guess you are right. Also to remedy the problem of not being able to touch the things I soldered, I guess I should also should learn how to build an acrylic case.

      That or a 3D printer.

      Or a laser-cutter.

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    • @drinkingpony Ok... Inhaling was a bit of a strong word.

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    • @adiwan No worries, I just pulled a joke out of that phraise where in its original intent there was none.

      I've been looking at a peanutbutter jar and thought "Hey, if I jury rig the face place way from its original design I can probably fit this DIY solder clock in there.

      Should I attempt just that ?

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    • @drinkingpony You mean a clock such like that ???

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    • @adiwan Oh no, I meant a thingie like [ quickly googles ] this thing.

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    • @drinkingpony Can be fun for sure. If I'd build a clock I'd make something like or using an ESP8266 or ESP-32 and make it Internet connected such that it updates its time over NTP and add the ability to set the alarms by weekday and other superfluous features like a web interface for setting all of that and display temperature and humidity or a countdown to a specific date (Christmas)...

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    • @drinkingpony Soo the thing at the bottom between the + and GND is aparently ... empty...

      Well, here goes nothing, I thought I was missing a part.

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    • @adiwan Oh hey that looks neat, but I think I will make some more things for fun and education before I make something I'll connect to the internet.

      Also where do you reckon I can buy the hard flux to clean my tip ? Is that even called flux ?

      Something like looks really challenging ( I guess I will order one ) since the SMD capacitors might be a really good learning experience.

      That or the end of my sanity.

      P.S. I should not forget to buy tweezers. I thought these right here were tevlon, but one of them melted at not even 600 F

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    • @drinkingpony My father gave me some hard flux but I cannot deal with it. it is very inconvenient to use such that I never touched it again. The flux does nothing except stink and fume on the tip. I solely rely on the flux in the solder whenever I solder. I think about buying a bit of liquid flux.

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    • @adiwan Sounds like that will need you to replace your tips due to oxidation quite often.

      Then again I only saw yesterday and I had to go look for it.

      Then again, I just checked, and if I can get 10 Chinese Aoyue compattible tips for 7 Euro's ( I would translate it to Deutsche Mark, but I do not think Germany has those anymore ) then, why bother really, other than general love for your own tools.

      4 Euro's a pop for an 'official' one I could understand, but who is to say that those are not just the same as the Chinese ones but repackaged ?

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    • @drinkingpony My tip is already crusty. It's a very old soldering iron (about 12 years?). It's already very abused. Last time I scraped off all the gunk and applied a layer of solder before turning it off. Whenever I buy a better soldering iron station then I'll take better care of the tip and buy some replacements.
      I still have a few Deutsche Mark coins somewhere floating in my closet.

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    • @adiwan Get a nice soldering station with a dial on it to set the target temperature, I got an Aoyue for about 35 Euro. For some reason is more expensive ( 47 ). Strange, normally Amazon is cheaper, even for me, with shipping costs included.

      Ahwell, most important thing required for when you want to learn how to solder well or when you want to make really nice SMD, THT, Stripboarding or otherwise prevent the nightmare that comes from cold-joints and burned-joints it has to be a thermostat.

      Soldering with just a pen you directly stick into the wall outlet or even a soldering gun is doable, however as I found out, you are going to have such a better experience with that thermostat dial. It's like spreading butter on your toast with a longsword, I mean, sure, you could do it, but it is not the optimal tool.

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    • @drinkingpony My cheapo soldering station has a "temperature" dial but that's more a suggestion. It works so far and I'm too lazy to get a better one. I haven't had a cold joint so far and for my imprecise hands it's good enough.

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