1. SITH TROOPERS !?! You are going to take something out of the old canon you made un-canon and pretty much make it look like someone dropped a Duck-Helmet Storm Trooper into the wrong vat of paint ?!?

    Go home Disney, you are drunk !

    That advice is coming from ME ! Someone with both a really positive deposition towards the hard stuff, and also someone who painted the first Ork ( W40K ) with the wrong primer causing him to look ruggid, badass, awesome, and of African descent.

    about 5 months ago from web
    1. @drinkingpony They'll probably still die by a hit on their head.

      about 5 months ago from web
      1. @adiwan Everything dies if you hit it on the head hard enough.

        Except Captain Phasma. Mark my word she will either be in the next episode/movie shrugging off a critical hit on her head, or she will not be in the next episode/movie at all making her character fit in between Watto and Fodesinbeed Annodue.

        All I wanted is some amazing woman be awesome. Not for this woman to be wrapped in tin-foil and have less screen time or impact than Admiral Motti ( )

        Heck I could write her in a more epic space opera and I am drunk half the time.

        We start off with StarKiller Base being under New Republic's command with Captain Phasma pretty much being the head honcho when the Supremacy, multiple dreadnoughts, some Interdictor Star Destroyers ( they block hyperspace and communications ) to take over the facility. Then later have Kylo force-choke Phasma on display and throw her to the floor. Helmet flies off, and you see her eyes as she surrenders to Snoke.

        about 5 months ago from web
        1. @drinkingpony I understand the implications that a strong woman character being played as a joke but I'm OK with that (being a joke not the ridiculing of a woman). If you want a badass Phasma then it can be only found in other media (comics, books, TV).

          about 5 months ago from web
          1. @adiwan I know where you are coming from but no. I do not accept things like grimoire cards for something I would have liked. ( This doubles as a Destiny jab )

            I do not need to remind you that Disney upon acquiring the Star Wars franchise the first thing they did was declare all the extended universe stuff un-canon. I might as well just skip the middle man and start to read fan-fiction.

            Hell, come to think of it. 3 months ago I chuckled at CuckleFhuck... Fluffle PuffleChuck... one of those things, hold on let me get the thing I remember


            Just... just listen to this... it breaks my heart...

            about 5 months ago from web
            1. @drinkingpony Oh, ehmm, by the way, skip to the 3 minute mark unless if you want the salty unrestrained super right 'funny' opinions of a sock-puppet that was intentionally made just to be all that.

              Though if you want to go in knowing that, the more power to you. Mostly because... Lord of the Rings... Yeah Chuck Wendig went "That thing is bad for I can not read it T_T"

              about 5 months ago from web
            2. @drinkingpony As a consumer of the new canon (having all the comics that came after the switch) and having only glimpses of experience with the old canon I'm heavily biased. As far as I have gathered the old canon is guilty of several stupid things like clones of Palpatine and Luke and such that appears to be fan-fictiony as well.

              about 5 months ago from web
              1. @adiwan You forgot the clones of Luke named Luuke and Luuuke ( no really ).

                But yeah, fair point. All movies have severe faults and cracks in them. However it took Disney only 2 mainline movies to break the fandom. The two biggest sides seem to be those who absolutely love it and defend it so hard till their mind seems to break ( warning, 2 hour podcast of someone whose mind seems to break defending the movie ). Those who still come out with movies why it all sucked and why it is all going to hell. I am not even sure if that 'side' is actually truthfull when they shout 'Please make Brie Larson a Jedi, let it all die !' or not.

                Meanwhile I like to see myself as in the middle and heavily in the minority.

                Imagine a kid creating a beautiful sandcastle on a beach only to come back the next day to find out that there is now a squatter playing with 'your' sand castle. Surely you can share, right ? But part of me still goes "You know, this could have been better

                about 5 months ago from web