1. TIL : Even though Crunchyroll's motto is or was "Anime for Everyone", you will still see people getting banned on social media for asking questions regarding a sensitive topic.

    What's a sensitive topic ? Well according to what I have seen, it is 'woman writers' and 'High Guardian Spice'

    Digging any deeper as to why will net you in a extreme political environment and even the least negative comment as to why will net you a "Well either Cruncyroll themselves or the PR manager(s) are being self-destructive about this in a weird game of 'cook the grenade'/'hot potato'"

    I myself stopped after finding this in a bio of a person involved with HGS :
    [> "But what if, hear me out: you hired woman writers" ""I am litterally blocking every person replying to this with "I just want good writers REGARDLESS of gender..." because oh my god shut up shut up shut UP <]

    Sharing this story because all I wanted to do is show someone else FMA.

    Rabbit holes are EVIL !!!

    about 8 months ago from web
    1. @drinkingpony I'm only aware of this show because I bumped into a woman on the BART who was involved with the show somehow supposedly. Apparently not a writer.

      about 8 months ago from web
      1. @thismightbeauser What is the BART ? Hmm, Probably PT or something, like a yellow train birthed from a bigger yellow factory named HOMER.

        I asked around some, and was given these two things as pretty grounded in reality versions of its conception :

        Wholesome version ( about 12 minutes )

        sorta depressing version with lots of F-bombs ( also about 12 minutes )

        TL;DR version : seemingly people wanna put their strongarm of politics out there while being a totalitarian of what you can and can not talk about.

        Also... I should probably look up whatever SoCal cartoons are now. I get pictures thrown at me that Steven Universe and Gumball, Star and Dipper, and even most of Thundercats Roar have the same "smile skeleton"

        about 8 months ago from web