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  1. @thismightbeauser What is the BART ? Hmm, Probably PT or something, like a yellow train birthed from a bigger yellow factory named HOMER.

    I asked around some, and was given these two things as pretty grounded in reality versions of its conception :

    Wholesome version ( about 12 minutes )

    sorta depressing version with lots of F-bombs ( also about 12 minutes )

    TL;DR version : seemingly people wanna put their strongarm of politics out there while being a totalitarian of what you can and can not talk about.

    Also... I should probably look up whatever SoCal cartoons are now. I get pictures thrown at me that Steven Universe and Gumball, Star and Dipper, and even most of Thundercats Roar have the same "smile skeleton"

    about a month ago from web in context

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