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    1. @adiwan Yes that is real, but it is lacking ALL context.

      To translate all that from coloquial to English. There is a special man coming each year from spain to bring presents to the good kids and... also the bad kids, but they probably would not like what they would find. Usually a bundle of sticks or a bag of salt for the baddies. This man is known as Sinterklaas.

      Those who know more about either Santa Claus or Krampus ( no really ) can probably see a lot of similarities right there.

      Also he rides on a horse as primary method of transportation, a wingless horse that can fly.(tall showoff if you asked me)

      That signpost reads "Parking spot for horses, maximum of 1 hour ( starting 14-11 untill 06-12-2015 ) which roughly falls in line with the dates when it is celebrated. Its probably mostly for his understudies, since the actual one would just fly away before any cop could ticket him.

      about 10 months ago from web