1. They cancelled Bojack Horseman !!!

    Angry horse noizes

    Sunday, 29-Sep-19 12:48:15 UTC from web
    1. @drinkingpony To be honest Bojack got a little stale, while being still good, but I don't see much beyond this coming season to keep it fresh without repeating. I want to end on good terms, as in end with a proper conclusion, than run into being trash or cancel without a conclusion.

      Sunday, 29-Sep-19 13:13:40 UTC from web
      1. @adiwan Yeah, a lot of things nowadays go that route. It is a shame really. I would really like to see some things get a proper ending.

        And for some others, well, they were better before the ending.

        So much things we love end up a dumpster-fire like that TBH. But in the case of Bojack it might also have something to do with the Animation studio.

        Sunday, 29-Sep-19 15:40:33 UTC from web