1. Legitimacy terrified of a Civil War for two major reasons. 1) The Left has spent the last 30 years infighting over how many letters go in LGBTQIA++, breaking their own fingers rather than forming a fist to stand together. 2) The Right has been Actually At War for as long, with lone wolves gunning down minorities and etc., and the Left STILL CAN'T STOP FIGHTING EACH OTHER OVER TRIVIALITIES.

    about 11 months ago from web
    1. @scribus I am very sorry for all the stuff that is happening over there. But I will have to tell you that I took an interest in it because of that. Also GamerGate and MetalGate and ComicsGate and. Well everything is a gate nowadays. I guess it is going to be CultureGate next.

      But yeah, I am legitimately sorry that you happen to live there while I can just point my finger and do a Nelson-laugh.

      about 11 months ago from web
      1. @drinkingpony CAN do a Nelson-laugh, CAN !. But I won't since the whole ordeal has not been "ha-ha" funny in over 2 years now.

        I mean I forgot the name of the city/municipality but that whole Antifa block where the major and the sherrif/police are in on it and it caused more than a bakers dozen of 'broken noses'.

        If I have to point a turning point of 'ha-ha' into 'honk' or 'oh my god how terrible' it would have been that one.

        Oh right, an example of 'honk' would be - Washingtontimes - Cannibalism: Scientist says eating humans could save earth. That being only a low tier-'honk'. Most actual 'honk'-ness is SUPER polarising stuff I would not dream to post about.

        And now I have said 'honk' so many times the word has gone weird on me.

        about 11 months ago from web