1. Because I'm somewhat of a dumbass, I only recently learned that one of Ireland's symbols is the harp. I had some vague familiarity with the Guinness harp (though I don't drink often) but I didn't really connect it. It's on Euros too of course, but I either didn't use any when I went to Spain or wasn't paying attention.

    about 6 days ago from web
    • @thismightbeauser There are different images on the back of the coins. Each country has a different set of images on their coins. When the Euro was introduced to the public in 2002 a lot of people tried to collect all the different coins. I had almost a complete set but I was fed up and used the money to buy a game at the flea-market.

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    • @adiwan Be great if you bought something like "Cruis'n Europe" or "Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego" with them, heheh

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    • @scribus I have absolutely no idea what I've exactly bought with it. It's fricking 17 years ago haha. I didn't have much fun collecting money like a numismatic. Videogames are my jam since my parents bought a C64 and sold it, and got IBM(-compatible) machines. As for the game I bought it could have been anything. I'm only sure that's still in my possession and probably a PC game. Outcast, You don't know Jack, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Airline Tycoon, Civilization Call To Power...

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    • @adiwan I figured, but it would have been funny all the same :p

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    • @adiwan Yeah, I've seen a mixture of different designs and countries since I've gotten here. The US started a thing a while back for the states. Not sure if they ever stopped since the original coins are still in circulation. Wasn't paying much attention to the years.

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    • @thismightbeauser I think they completed the first run of 50 states a while ago, and have gone into a couple cycles of state-themed stuff, like birds or trees or something, but we've been on a "coin shortage" all pandemic so I haven't seen quarters in weeks at least, lol

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