1. I'm not big into LEGO but somehow I want a Star Wars Clone Wars Gunship set.

    Thursday, 15-Jul-21 19:19:37 UTC from web
    1. @adiwan I hope they've revised the design since I tried to build Gherkins old one. That build is an unfun nightmare and produces the flimsiest model.

      Saturday, 17-Jul-21 11:09:53 UTC from web
      1. @ceruleanspark From what I've seen is big and sturdy. But I can only say that as an opinion without much insight and experience with big LEGO builds. I want it but I am aware that these sets are luxuriously expensive. I rather buy new Winter tyres for that kind of money.

        Saturday, 17-Jul-21 11:14:08 UTC from web
        1. @adiwan Gherkins was one of the first-gen models from the AOTC era, so it's entirely possible they've made the design slightly less likely to just explode on contact with a stiff breeze.

          Saturday, 17-Jul-21 11:16:33 UTC from web