1. don’t really see the point in a Nickelodeon crossover fighter if you aren’t gonna have VO. Makes the crossover aspect feel hollow if these cartoon characters are all mutes without personalities. Just play Smash Bros. at that point.

    about 16 days ago from web
    • @zeldatra Seriously? They're taking all the cartoon classics, and... not utilizing them fully? Man, MK11 got Peter Weller and Keith David for optional DLC side characters!!

      about 16 days ago in context
    • @scribus in some cases, like Ren & Stimpy, it’s understandable, as Billy West won’t go near any R&S projects anymore and John K. obviously can’t and shouldn’t be asked to come back, but there are multiple shows in there that are either currently airing or have voice talent that have reprised their roles recently for other one-off projects, those characters are also silent. Apparently it was a budgetary issue, but it begs the question of why you’d set out to make this game if you don’t have the funds to pull it off. It feels like an early access game, which is insane considering the license it’s using.

      about 16 days ago in context
    • @zeldatra R&S seems so loaded, I'm surprised they'd even make mute or impersonated appearances

      about 15 days ago in context
    • @scribus I made a video about this last year, but the basic gist of it was that John K. was fired so early into the show’s initial run that it kind of wasn’t even his show anymore by the time the original series ended, so I personally don’t think R&S should necessarily carry his baggage, especially since we don’t really apply that same standard to more recent works with creators who were disgraced for similar reasons (The Loud House got a movie this year, even).

      about 14 days ago in context
    • @zeldatra That makes some sense. I never watched it, growing up, or really at all, so I know pretty much zilch on the topic directly. Mostly just aware that separating the achievement from the achiever is always thorny; for example, slave-owners who wrote a legal document that said "all men are created equal."

      about 14 days ago in context