1. Damn found out on my bro's discord server that my hs gf's husband and son both have breakthrough covid infections

    about 24 days ago from web
    1. @scribus I may or may not have had COVID over Christmas, couldn’t get tested though because no appointments were open. Whatever I did have is gone now so I guess it’s moot now, but I’m one of the only people at work who didn’t get a booster shot and the other one who didn’t was out sick before and after me, so it’s an easy conclusion to come to.

      about 24 days ago from web
      1. @zeldatra Ex GF reports 65% of people at her Xmas are now infected, with the boosted faring the best so far. Shame is, it's a total bone trying to get the booster. My grandma was told by her doctor that the earliest appointment was February; then, at Walgreen's, the guy in line behind her asked the cashier about boosters and she jumped in on the spot, no waiting! I got mine, no appointment, from the CVS in Target, but my brother went to (a different) Walgreen's even with no line, and was told to make an appointment.

        about 23 days ago from web