1. So since I have zero drive to do anything that isn't "sit on my butt and play games all day", anyone up for another round of !wireonerupeetomushi?

    Saturday, 24-Nov-12 03:47:00 UTC from web
    1. @redenchilada How do you play?

      Saturday, 24-Nov-12 03:51:17 UTC from web
    2. @redenchilada Always. I ain't busy

      Saturday, 24-Nov-12 03:52:24 UTC from web
      1. @abigpony I can set one up then. I got preoccupied with other things for a minute there.

        Saturday, 24-Nov-12 04:13:12 UTC from web
        1. @redenchilada What exactly is BGO?

          Saturday, 24-Nov-12 04:13:56 UTC from web
          1. @zeldatra It's a board game that's online. Not much else to say about it. Well, except that you get to travel to the future and bounce around on pogo sticks and get STDs and stuff. But otherwise it's just your average board game that's online.

            Saturday, 24-Nov-12 04:15:34 UTC from web
            1. @redenchilada Does it require Flash player, is it something I could do from the comfort of my bed?

              Saturday, 24-Nov-12 04:16:43 UTC from web
              1. @zeldatra I think it's just AJAX (any browser can do it), Flash is just for the sounds. I've even played it on my phone before.

                Saturday, 24-Nov-12 04:17:19 UTC from web
                1. @redenchilada Alright, count me in.

                  Saturday, 24-Nov-12 04:19:19 UTC from web
            2. @redenchilada sounds like my kind of board game

              Saturday, 24-Nov-12 04:18:45 UTC from web
              1. @madflavors @zeldatra and everyone else who may be interested; Let's roll. !bgo # #

                Saturday, 24-Nov-12 04:21:25 UTC from web