1. The Cabal has arrived.

    Monday, 04-Apr-11 23:23:56 UTC from web
    1. @samefron that's not a pony

      Thursday, 04-Apr-13 06:03:17 UTC from web
      1. @yodelerty And I really wanted to !takeadrink, too. :c

        Thursday, 04-Apr-13 06:04:11 UTC from web
        1. @scribus @rarity !takeadrink anyway!

          Thursday, 04-Apr-13 06:04:42 UTC from web
          1. @yodelerty Why the hell not!? :D

            Thursday, 04-Apr-13 06:05:19 UTC from web
          2. @yodelerty okay.

            Thursday, 04-Apr-13 06:05:51 UTC from web
          3. @yodelerty Let me see if I pieced this together well enough, every time someone posts the name of a pony, we drink?

            Thursday, 04-Apr-13 06:06:22 UTC from web
            1. @djderpson Pretty much!

              Thursday, 04-Apr-13 06:06:41 UTC from web
              1. @yodelerty Yeah! Detective Baynes is on the no existent case!

                Thursday, 04-Apr-13 06:07:30 UTC from web
    2. @samefron Sign me up.

      Thursday, 04-Apr-13 06:03:20 UTC from web
    3. @samefron Ded.

      Thursday, 04-Apr-13 06:03:21 UTC from web
    4. @samefron That is not a pony, silly filly!

      Thursday, 04-Apr-13 06:03:37 UTC from web
    5. @samefron please, tell me more about SunLexis.

      Thursday, 04-Apr-13 06:05:43 UTC from web