1. The Cabal has arrived.

    Monday, 04-Apr-11 23:23:56 UTC from web
    1. @celestisdiabolus # #

      Thursday, 06-Jun-13 06:50:52 UTC from web
      1. @scribus Still considering changing my name to CelestialDiabetes. :3

        Thursday, 06-Jun-13 06:51:28 UTC from web
    2. @celestisdiabolus Screw that. I want happyness.

      Thursday, 06-Jun-13 06:52:09 UTC from web
      1. @bowandlyre Like that Will Smith movie?

        Thursday, 06-Jun-13 06:53:23 UTC from web
        1. @scribus Which one of them?

          Thursday, 06-Jun-13 06:53:48 UTC from web
          1. @bowandlyre "Pursuit of Happyness."

            Thursday, 06-Jun-13 06:54:04 UTC from web
            1. @scribus and you can change the meaning of it completely by changing one letter so it says "Fursuit of Happiness".

              Thursday, 06-Jun-13 06:55:28 UTC from web
            2. @scribus Haven't seen it.

              Thursday, 06-Jun-13 06:57:26 UTC from web
      2. @bowandlyre If you want happyness I don't think a relationship is the best course of action. They work like a rollercoaster.

        Thursday, 06-Jun-13 07:01:35 UTC from web
        1. @nerthos I like rollercoasters.

          Thursday, 06-Jun-13 07:03:29 UTC from web
          1. @bowandlyre I like . . . turtles!

            Thursday, 06-Jun-13 07:04:33 UTC from web
            1. @scribus Funny, I was at this girl's house this last friday and we found a turtle! We named him Michelangelo, I would have kept him but my parents would have said no...

              Thursday, 06-Jun-13 07:05:36 UTC from web
          2. @bowandlyre By times it'll be great, by times it'll be crap. Just make sure to have an escape plan in case something goes wrong.

            Thursday, 06-Jun-13 07:04:42 UTC from web
            1. @nerthos The escape plan is called move to cuba.

              Thursday, 06-Jun-13 07:05:59 UTC from web
              1. @bowandlyre No, no, no. That's not how it's supposed to work. The escape plan is supposed to get you in a position of control, so if she tries to screw you, you screw her thrice as hard before she manages to pull her stunt.

                Thursday, 06-Jun-13 07:07:13 UTC from web
                1. @nerthos My grandparents had a little island in cuba before castro, I might be able to get in it and surprise her or something i don't know. Point is I have a summer home there that's supposed to be mine by now but it isn't.

                  Thursday, 06-Jun-13 07:09:12 UTC from web
                  1. @bowandlyre Have you ever tought of storing missiles there?

                    Thursday, 06-Jun-13 07:10:56 UTC from web
                    1. @nerthos Lol for some reason you sound like a some black market salesman to me

                      Thursday, 06-Jun-13 07:11:48 UTC from web
                      1. @therainbowdashx Some kind of*

                        Thursday, 06-Jun-13 07:12:14 UTC from web
                      2. @therainbowdashx Imagine if the a wasn't there

                        Thursday, 06-Jun-13 07:12:30 UTC from web
                      3. @therainbowdashx Who could say for certain. I am many things.

                        Thursday, 06-Jun-13 07:23:33 UTC from web
                        1. @nerthos I've seen your face before in a fad, i don't remember you looking like a black market salesman...

                          Thursday, 06-Jun-13 07:27:17 UTC from web
                          1. @bowandlyre That depends entirely on how I shave and dress.

                            Thursday, 06-Jun-13 07:54:40 UTC from web
                            1. @nerthos toaster Is on it's way to yellow and red repeat toaster is on it's way !toasteriesm #

                              Thursday, 06-Jun-13 08:00:09 UTC from web
                              1. @therainbowdashx I spelled !toasterism wrong

                                Thursday, 06-Jun-13 08:00:38 UTC from web
                              2. @therainbowdashx That's copspeak. You're a snitch. Get 'im boys.

                                Thursday, 06-Jun-13 08:06:55 UTC from web
                    2. @nerthos No... I could if it isn't filled with castro's already.

                      Thursday, 06-Jun-13 07:14:26 UTC from web
                  2. @bowandlyre There's three houses in tenessee thats my families don't knoe why we still own them but we payed of the mortgage when my family lived there so why not keep em

                    Thursday, 06-Jun-13 07:39:49 UTC from web
    3. @celestisdiabolus I should see it but I got stuff to do like stay in bed and stare at the roof, that's a good time.

      Thursday, 06-Jun-13 07:00:58 UTC from web
    4. @celestisdiabolus I play video games and lurk in this site that's my life at the moment.

      Thursday, 06-Jun-13 07:04:21 UTC from web
      1. @bowandlyre Me too

        Thursday, 06-Jun-13 07:05:16 UTC from web
        1. @therainbowdashx *High five*

          Thursday, 06-Jun-13 07:06:11 UTC from web
          1. @bowandlyre *trips* now how did I manage to do that?

            Thursday, 06-Jun-13 07:06:54 UTC from web
            1. @therainbowdashx Because yer a wizard harry.

              Thursday, 06-Jun-13 07:07:14 UTC from web
              1. @bowandlyre I do not exactly know what that is but ok

                Thursday, 06-Jun-13 07:07:51 UTC from web
                1. @therainbowdashx Youngin... man.

                  Thursday, 06-Jun-13 07:08:33 UTC from web
                  1. @flamingpandaomg Tootsie pop ^_^

                    Thursday, 06-Jun-13 07:09:23 UTC from web
                2. @therainbowdashx HOW?!

                  Thursday, 06-Jun-13 07:09:23 UTC from web
                  1. @bowandlyre It makes me sad. :c

                    Thursday, 06-Jun-13 07:09:47 UTC from web
                    1. @flamingpandaomg Same.

                      Thursday, 06-Jun-13 07:10:17 UTC from web
                  2. @bowandlyre ... Harry potter?

                    Thursday, 06-Jun-13 07:10:38 UTC from web
                    1. @therainbowdashx Yeah.

                      Thursday, 06-Jun-13 07:14:35 UTC from web
                      1. @bowandlyre Oh I've never heard of him called that before

                        Thursday, 06-Jun-13 07:15:09 UTC from web
                        1. @therainbowdashx I have :|

                          Thursday, 06-Jun-13 07:16:38 UTC from web