1. Here's an MLP riddle for you guys. This mare carries six gemstones with her at all times. If it wasn't for Rainbow Dash she would have never earned her magical talent to fulfill her destiny. Together these six gemstones bring out the best of her abilities, yet they are all the same color. What am I referring too?

    Friday, 07-Jun-13 00:23:36 UTC from web
    1. @5ofclubs Gemstones? It's obviously Scootaloo

      Friday, 07-Jun-13 00:26:15 UTC from web
      1. @redenchilada Ummm... guess again.

        Friday, 07-Jun-13 00:26:57 UTC from web
    2. @5ofclubs Princess Luna ?

      Friday, 07-Jun-13 00:26:47 UTC from web
    3. @5ofclubs Twilight Sparkle eating a tuna salad sandwich.

      Friday, 07-Jun-13 00:27:56 UTC from web
      1. @bs Nope, it's not that either.

        Friday, 07-Jun-13 00:28:36 UTC from web
    4. @5ofclubs Okay, the answer to my riddle is both of Rarity's cutie marks. I tried to make it sound like the answer would be the elements of harmony since each one has a gemstone in the tiara/necklace while referring to Twilight Sparkle as well, but I put in of the same color gemstone to throw that out of it. Was it good?

      Friday, 07-Jun-13 00:34:58 UTC from web
      1. @5ofclubs It was pretty good, considering it made me think of tuna salad sandwiches.

        Friday, 07-Jun-13 00:36:22 UTC from web
    5. @5ofclubs Rarity's butt.

      Friday, 07-Jun-13 00:40:20 UTC from web
      1. @nerthos

        Friday, 07-Jun-13 00:41:11 UTC from web
        1. @flamingpandaomg I'd hug a Luna nonsexually.

          Friday, 07-Jun-13 00:50:09 UTC from web
          1. @nerthos Who wouldn't? People who don't have feelings, that's who.

            Friday, 07-Jun-13 00:51:08 UTC from web
            1. @flamingpandaomg I don't have that many feelings anyway.

              Friday, 07-Jun-13 00:57:01 UTC from web
      2. @nerthos I suppose you could say that or flank as well. I don't mean for it to be taken the wrong way.

        Friday, 07-Jun-13 00:42:01 UTC from web
        1. @5ofclubs The six gems are glued to her rear

          Friday, 07-Jun-13 00:49:40 UTC from web
          1. @nerthos Please do go on.

            Friday, 07-Jun-13 00:50:48 UTC from web
            1. @flamingpandaomg i like this pic

              Friday, 07-Jun-13 00:52:02 UTC from web
              1. @mushi

                Friday, 07-Jun-13 00:52:52 UTC from web
                1. @flamingpandaomg oh i have this one, so great

                  Friday, 07-Jun-13 00:54:33 UTC from web
      3. @nerthos >missing more episodes of Not-Gundam

        Friday, 07-Jun-13 00:43:35 UTC from web
        1. @anarchy How's not gundam called. I feel like watching something right now.

          Friday, 07-Jun-13 00:50:49 UTC from web
          1. @nerthos I don't know, I only bug you about it like every day.

            Friday, 07-Jun-13 00:54:15 UTC from web
            1. @anarchy You just say "not gundam", you only ever mentioned the proper name once.

              Friday, 07-Jun-13 00:56:23 UTC from web
              1. @nerthos I so have. I linked you the episodes. Here it is again because you're dumb.

                Friday, 07-Jun-13 00:58:39 UTC from web
                1. @anarchy Kay :D

                  Friday, 07-Jun-13 01:01:11 UTC from web