1. My mom was watching a show. They mentioned Doctor Who. She said, "This was made in 2002. Has Doctor Who been going on that long?"

    Thursday, 13-Jun-13 16:51:51 UTC from web
    1. @zeldatra Pray you're adopted.

      Thursday, 13-Jun-13 16:52:20 UTC from web
      1. @colfax Why? She didn't actively watch TV as a kid. Just because you don't know how long a british television program has been on doesn't mean you're stupid, like I know you just implied, so I'll thank you to not make those comments.

        Thursday, 13-Jun-13 17:04:26 UTC from web
    2. @awlderpy That avatar is awesome

      Thursday, 13-Jun-13 16:53:48 UTC from web
    3. @awlderpy Why thank you

      Thursday, 13-Jun-13 16:55:53 UTC from web
    4. @awlderpy I think I have the 1963 seasons on my hard drive somewhere even

      Thursday, 13-Jun-13 16:59:19 UTC from web
      1. @critialcloudkicker A lot of the early episodes were destroyed because the BBC wanted to save a tiny bit of money...

        Thursday, 13-Jun-13 17:02:22 UTC from web
        1. @colfax You better believe someone is kicking themselves for that idea.

          Thursday, 13-Jun-13 17:02:56 UTC from web
          1. @skillfulist Well, it turns out that they have audio recording for pretty muyc all the missing eps, so they're going to be animated.

            Thursday, 13-Jun-13 17:03:33 UTC from web
            1. @colfax excuse me I must go to the highest point in my town and scream.

              Thursday, 13-Jun-13 17:04:34 UTC from web
              1. @skillfulist At least they're not going to try for some kind of uncanny valley CGI thing for them.

                Thursday, 13-Jun-13 17:06:36 UTC from web
                1. @colfax I weep if that ever happened.

                  Thursday, 13-Jun-13 17:07:07 UTC from web
                2. @colfax and that whole scream was of joy by the way :)

                  Thursday, 13-Jun-13 17:08:02 UTC from web
                  1. @skillfulist @critialcloudkicker and

                    Thursday, 13-Jun-13 17:10:42 UTC from web
                    1. @colfax I have 7 files of a reconstruction effort of Marco Polo

                      Thursday, 13-Jun-13 17:14:52 UTC from web
        2. @colfax So I've heared, I do not think I can comment on what I have specifically. But it starts with s01e01 An Unearthy Child"aka 100,000 BC, The Tribe Of Gum" and ends with S26e159 Survival

          Thursday, 13-Jun-13 17:05:55 UTC from web
    5. @awlderpy It is on my to do list actually :)

      Thursday, 13-Jun-13 17:00:53 UTC from web