1. and I don't have any of your friend codes

    Friday, 21-Jun-13 23:11:53 UTC from web
    1. @meloetta !3ds

      Friday, 21-Jun-13 23:12:09 UTC from web
      1. @flamingpandaomg too lazy for me

        Friday, 21-Jun-13 23:12:40 UTC from web
        1. @meloetta Me: "somehow forgot to join this group, but my friend code is 1478-3503-4091."

          Friday, 21-Jun-13 23:13:16 UTC from web
    2. @meloetta Mine is in the first page of my dashes. I'm watching the South Park movie and don't want to close Netflix to retrieve my friend code.

      Friday, 21-Jun-13 23:12:55 UTC from web
    3. @meloetta Mine is in my profile

      Friday, 21-Jun-13 23:13:04 UTC from web
    4. @meloetta My friend code is: 2320-6130-8334 BE sure to put it to good use kind pokemon!

      Friday, 21-Jun-13 23:13:21 UTC from web