1. Enterplay's Bronycon Exclusive - Twilacorn: Enterplay has announced their exclusive promo card for Bronycon. It looks like all of you attending will be able to pick up a Twilacorn. Just bring your badge to the Backbreakers booth and ask for it. And the full list for those collecting these: F35 Pinkie Pie - was given out at Big Apple, Cutie Con, Trot Con, EQLA May, My Little Pony Fair F36 TBA F37 Rainbow Dash - gift >

    Tuesday, 30-Jul-13 20:40:04 UTC from Sethisto
    1. @eqdpony that... pic

      Tuesday, 30-Jul-13 20:44:49 UTC from web
    2. @eqdpony Is it really "Twilacorn" instead of "Twilicorn"?

      Tuesday, 30-Jul-13 20:46:51 UTC from MuSTArDroid
      1. @scribus She was always a Twilicorn

        Tuesday, 30-Jul-13 20:48:32 UTC from web
      2. @scribus #

        Tuesday, 30-Jul-13 20:49:43 UTC from web