1. The Cabal has arrived.

    Monday, 04-Apr-11 23:23:56 UTC from web
    1. @sprite It's purrfect.

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 00:28:02 UTC from web
    2. @sprite Thx bb

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 00:28:55 UTC from web
    3. @sprite k lets go

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 00:30:44 UTC from web
    4. @sprite they are playing games while im setting it up

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 00:30:49 UTC from web
    5. @sprite weeee

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 00:32:09 UTC from web
    6. @sprite so cute

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 00:34:08 UTC from web
    7. @sprite So.... back in the world of grammar. How are ya?

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 00:36:30 UTC from web
    8. @sprite That's neat.

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 00:38:52 UTC from web
    9. @sprite Well, good for you.

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 00:39:46 UTC from web
    10. @sprite Listening to loads of amazing PMD remixes. Also, finishing up my book.

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 00:41:44 UTC from web
    11. @sprite Red Rain. By R. L. Stine, it's pretty good. Not that scary, but pretty good.

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 00:44:35 UTC from web
    12. @sprite I'm a grown man, ain't having no nightmares.

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 00:45:46 UTC from web
    13. @sprite No. I'm actually having a reoccurring nightmare for a month now.

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 00:47:50 UTC from web
    14. @sprite Maybe later. It's a wee bit touchy now. Soon though, lad/

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 00:49:50 UTC from web
    15. @sprite Yeh? Well, i'll tell you it's about drowning in the ocean.

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 00:51:18 UTC from web
    16. @sprite Eh, I guess I can tell you.

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 00:52:34 UTC from web
    17. @sprite So. I'm on this boat, don't you know. And some how, I jump or fall in, and fall into this empty ocean. Bright at the top, black at the bottom. And I start to sink. Sink sink sink. I watch my body start to blur out. Almost like a camera unfocusing on my body. And I see dead creatures floating around me, and a man dressed in a metallic rabbit suit. Swimming, and he brushes his side against my arm, and the water rumbles, very unnaturally. I sink deeper and deeper, and get to the point where it's pitch black, except for my body. I'll let you soak that in, because the dream splits into two ways at the end.

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 00:58:15 UTC from web
    18. @sprite Alright. Here's where it splits up. A: The darkness starts to ripple, and I see small dots of light in the water. The lights appear very frequent, untill I'm sinking faster and faster. Then, the water just DRIES up. And I'm falling out of the atmosphere. The lights become night stars, I fall faster, faster, faster. I see a cityscape. I scream a high pitched, very odd wail. Then I hit the ground. I land on my old apartment. I break through the roof, and lay dead, and deformed. The I usually wake.

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 01:03:57 UTC from web
    19. @sprite The other part, is I just drown at the bottom of the sea as a family of whales floats by.

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 01:05:46 UTC from web
    20. @sprite Nope. Not anymore.

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 01:06:49 UTC from web
    21. @snowcone I've just regained control though. I got a beautiful girlfriend not long ago.

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 01:08:23 UTC from web
    22. @sprite I'd poop and fall asleep.

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 01:08:37 UTC from web
    23. @sprite Truth~

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 01:09:24 UTC from web
    24. @sprite Only.....?

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 01:10:06 UTC from web
    25. @sprite You rascal~

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 01:11:18 UTC from web
    26. @sprite I'm the fuzzyponi

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 01:12:51 UTC from web
    27. @sprite wassat donkeh

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 01:13:43 UTC from web
    28. @snowcone Man, this is my first REAL girlfriend.

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 01:14:03 UTC from web
    29. @sprite Oh.

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 01:14:56 UTC from web
    30. @snowcone A wee bit more than that, but yes.

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 01:16:32 UTC from web
    31. @snowcone Shame

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 01:16:39 UTC from web
    32. @snowcone What?

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 01:20:43 UTC from web
    33. @snowcone We all have matches, don't you know.

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 01:23:58 UTC from web
    34. @snowcone #

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 01:24:01 UTC from web
    35. @snowcone :(

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 01:26:59 UTC from web
    36. @snowcone Get hype for !foreveralone

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 01:29:19 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
    37. @snowcone Get so hype.

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 01:37:49 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
    38. @snowcone It's okay to be !foreveralone. Or at least that's what people tell you when in reality it pierces the heart

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 01:41:47 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
    39. @snowcone That's about right. Though some people are legitimately okay with being alone and those people are called sociopaths or 7-year-olds.

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 01:55:22 UTC from web
    40. @snowcone Yeah, probably. Whoops.

      Saturday, 05-Oct-13 01:57:08 UTC from web