1. I don't think this site will let me upload video files.

    Sunday, 27-Oct-13 19:32:15 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
    1. @yodelerty Are they above the size limit?

      Sunday, 27-Oct-13 19:33:49 UTC from web
    2. @yodelerty The site technically allows files of type video/mpeg, video/mp4, and video/quicktime, so if it's in one of those formats and within whatever the heck the filesize limit here is it should work.

      Sunday, 27-Oct-13 19:39:26 UTC from web
      1. @redenchilada @rotation Ehhh file's too big.

        Sunday, 27-Oct-13 19:44:19 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
        1. @yodelerty They should make a site just for hosting videos or something. I wonder what that would be called...

          Sunday, 27-Oct-13 19:46:49 UTC from web
          1. @redenchilada I'm not uploading a 12-second video of me shaking my face in slow motion to YouTube.

            Sunday, 27-Oct-13 19:47:47 UTC from StatusNet iPhone