1. I feel really bad, but I had to come on here and take my real name off my profile. Don't wanna do anything unpopular that might turn colleges off

    Tuesday, 12-Nov-13 21:24:35 UTC from web
    1. @starlynx Chill Evan

      Tuesday, 12-Nov-13 21:31:51 UTC from web
      1. @nerthos STAHP THEY WILL FIND ME

        Tuesday, 12-Nov-13 21:32:42 UTC from web
        1. @starlynx They have already found you

          Tuesday, 12-Nov-13 21:33:01 UTC from web
          1. @nerthos I was already dead

            Tuesday, 12-Nov-13 21:34:41 UTC from web
            1. @starlynx I actually had a dream last night where an ex-president was going to resurrect and I had to travel to hell to stop it.

              Tuesday, 12-Nov-13 21:35:33 UTC from web
              1. @nerthos Which ex-president? This is important.

                Tuesday, 12-Nov-13 21:36:37 UTC from web
                1. @clayinthecarpet I'm not sure you're familiar with Argentinian ex-presidents

                  Tuesday, 12-Nov-13 21:39:19 UTC from web
                  1. @nerthos Oh. :P

                    Tuesday, 12-Nov-13 21:40:39 UTC from web
              2. @nerthos that sounds like a Platinum game that I would want to play

                Tuesday, 12-Nov-13 21:37:10 UTC from web
                1. @starlynx The "hell" was really spooky. Complete with stone sarcophagus in a room full of bones and everything.

                  Tuesday, 12-Nov-13 21:39:53 UTC from web
                  1. @nerthos that sounds metal as FrankerZ. Like I said, I will totally play that video game

                    Tuesday, 12-Nov-13 21:42:43 UTC from web
                    1. @starlynx Yep, it was really metal. It's a shame I switched to another dream before getting to the end of it.

                      Tuesday, 12-Nov-13 21:47:50 UTC from web
                      1. @nerthos That is a shame. I wish I dreamed better than I actually do

                        Tuesday, 12-Nov-13 21:48:44 UTC from web
                        1. @starlynx I usually have cool dreams.

                          Tuesday, 12-Nov-13 21:51:34 UTC from web
                2. @starlynx When I search my name on Google, this is the only thing I can find about me:

                  Tuesday, 12-Nov-13 21:41:01 UTC from web
        2. @starlynx Spoilers: I am a college admissions department employee

          Tuesday, 12-Nov-13 21:34:24 UTC from web
          1. @ceruleanspark nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

            Tuesday, 12-Nov-13 21:35:41 UTC from web
    2. @starlynx I really doubt colleges are going to come to RDN and search for your name, brah. :P

      Tuesday, 12-Nov-13 21:32:54 UTC from web
      1. @clayinthecarpet if you search my name on google, this website and profile comes up

        Tuesday, 12-Nov-13 21:34:34 UTC from web
    3. @randomdongerbolt Awesome! :) Yeah, I've done a good job at it, I guess, overall.

      Tuesday, 12-Nov-13 21:45:50 UTC from web
    4. @randomdongerbolt When I google my full name I get a State Farm agent.

      Tuesday, 12-Nov-13 21:48:15 UTC from web