1. Finally starting to pass level 8 charts in IIDX rather well. And finally starting to learn how to pinky. Doesn't stop this game from still being ridiculously hard. Now that I can play songs I always wanted to play I just want to play even harder songs now. This game is crazy in that you either feel really, really satisfied, or really, really frustrated. !rgp

    Wednesday, 24-Aug-11 01:43:07 UTC from web
    1. @ponybis I want IIDX ;w; lucky~

      Wednesday, 24-Aug-11 01:44:16 UTC from web
      1. @loak Just buy a US CS controller. I got mine for $30 at Gen Con after I buddied up with one of the people hosting the video game events. eBay or, if you're lucky, Craigslist could have cheaper (I've seen a few near me). If you're worried about the games softmod a PS2 or download Lunatic Rave 2 (Stepmania-like IIDX simulator that works basically perfectly with IIDX skins) !rgp

        Wednesday, 24-Aug-11 01:47:12 UTC from web
        1. @ponybis Hmmmmmmmmmm....... I might have to look into this more once I start working again. Thanks for the tip.

          Wednesday, 24-Aug-11 01:49:04 UTC from web
          1. @loak Do note, unlike other rhythm games where people ooh and ahh at your "l33t skillz, this game is actually HARDER than it looks, not EASIER like every other rhythm game.

            Wednesday, 24-Aug-11 01:50:19 UTC from web
            1. @ponybis Yeahhhhh, this is certainly one of the more difficult rhythm games I've played.

              Wednesday, 24-Aug-11 01:53:18 UTC from web
    2. @ponybis Congrats by the way xD

      Wednesday, 24-Aug-11 01:44:31 UTC from web