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Music of the '70s!

Music of the '70s!


Whether you like the '70s for the disco, the birth of rap, or maybe some AC/DC, if it's from the '70s and it's a song, then it's welcome here!

Music of the '70s! (1970s) group


  1. !1970s music time. Tragedy, one of the best from the kings of Disco, The Bee Gees:

    Thursday, 10-Nov-11 06:29:59 UTC from web
    • !1970s Also available en Español:

      Friday, 30-Sep-11 00:57:34 UTC from web
      • !1970s The best ABBA song:

        Friday, 30-Sep-11 00:46:59 UTC from web
      • Just looked up the "California Gurls" lyrics; nearly did a spit-take with some grapes.

        Thursday, 26-May-11 21:04:40 UTC from web
      • Love scenes in movies are always a little awkward when one of my parents is in the room.

        Tuesday, 24-May-11 04:13:42 UTC from MuSTArDroid
      • One from the !1970s for all the !nightowls - ...well, the band & song are 1970s, the vid's a late-90s reunion, but it's the best I could find.

        Thursday, 12-May-11 11:27:22 UTC from StatusNet Android
        • I think my "weekend" calls for a double-shot of !1970s Queen. Sunday, I fixed my car - - and today I got my bicycle going again -

          Tuesday, 12-Apr-11 22:03:27 UTC from web
          • !1970s This is the song that launched the rap genre. Rappers Delight, 1979: It's getting funky in here!

            Sunday, 10-Apr-11 02:50:51 UTC from web
            • Here's one from the !1970s that I think fits right in with this fandom...

              Sunday, 10-Apr-11 00:41:15 UTC from web
              • From the creators of !1980s I am proud to present the !1970s

                Friday, 08-Apr-11 05:04:28 UTC from web