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A group for users of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, or those interested in learning more about it.

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  1. just a thought: the !bitcoin trend may have changed. Price may come down between the green trend lines (red& green drawn by me)

    Friday, 02-Feb-18 20:27:46 UTC from
  2. I really wish PayPal didn't tell me conversion rates while I was sending people money. I finished paying somebody for work on The Twin Souls 2 today and they're English and even though there was an agreement and we were dealing with USD while making that agreement, at the end of it all I feel like I cherrying shafted them or something.

    Monday, 15-May-17 00:46:18 UTC from web
  3. @praetoriuss diese !bitcoin -Gruppe gibts:

    Tuesday, 27-Dec-16 19:48:35 UTC from
    • I mean, Namecoin is the first one I've given a rat's about since !Bitcoin, but still. I'm upset that Dogecoin is a real thing, I'm not letting this go!

      Friday, 26-Aug-16 16:30:54 UTC from web
      • I am one year and 42 weeks behind on !Bitcoin.

        Friday, 12-Aug-16 23:39:16 UTC from web
        • @vegos "This is GreekReporter’s April Fools’ story". And: !bitcoin price would go up like crazy if Greece exchanged all their € to bitcoin

          Friday, 03-Jul-15 19:06:47 UTC from
          • @stigatle Where do you trade !bitcoin, what exchange do you use?

            Wednesday, 17-Sep-14 19:28:43 UTC from
            • !bitcoin mining factory in China… 2500 Bitcoin rigs… "The noise was deafening" "Electrical bills tipped $70,000 a month."

              Saturday, 23-Aug-14 19:02:59 UTC from
              • I'm gonna make a Yelp for the criminal underworld and rake in the !BTC!

                Tuesday, 05-Aug-14 16:18:21 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                • ich habe ein leeres !Bitcoin Wallet aber noch nie was damit gemacht.Ich möchte ein paar € umtauschen und drauftun. Wie geht das am besten?

                  Sunday, 22-Jun-14 15:10:26 UTC from
                  • !Bitcoin just can't seem to catch a break lately.

                    Tuesday, 25-Feb-14 05:14:19 UTC from web
                  • there's no # dependancy btwn !bitcoin and # price, but there are ppl who think # is 'the next|better bitcoin', >

                    Saturday, 28-Dec-13 13:43:51 UTC from
                  • Just talked with a guy who said he's making 19,000% on !bitcoin. Meanwhile, I don't have the money to blow my brains out.

                    Friday, 27-Dec-13 22:41:27 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                  • @cmhobbs IMHO I wouldn't 'invest' in # It must be a very narrow market & price may implode easily and faster than !bitcoin price

                    Friday, 27-Dec-13 15:26:57 UTC from
                    • @steinkampf As investors sell !Bitcoin b/c they doubt its price will continue to rise,they might get even more doubtful regarding Lightcoin

                      Thursday, 26-Dec-13 21:40:02 UTC from
                      • @vinzv if I was you I'd sell but you must decide for yourself....

                        Saturday, 23-Nov-13 02:14:33 UTC from
                      • #, !Bitcoin & !RaspberryPi named by UK trust for promoting 'inspiring # change' -

                        Tuesday, 12-Nov-13 03:05:38 UTC from
                        • What the hell, why is !bitcoin over $300 now?

                          Friday, 08-Nov-13 08:06:32 UTC from web
                        • @reality @zoowar still interesting info: !Bitcoin running from $100 to $300 in only a few weeks... probably # buying aggressively

                          Thursday, 07-Nov-13 19:15:02 UTC from
                          • Holy kiwi, !bitcoin's at about $250.

                            Tuesday, 05-Nov-13 19:37:13 UTC from web
                            • I love watching the dollar value of !Bitcoin that I sent to this one guy change. "I sent him $5 for a nice article in 2600 that introduced me to a better wallet program. No, wait, now it's $4.83. Today, I sent him $5.20. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?"

                              Monday, 28-Oct-13 19:26:55 UTC from web
                              • @rayeshman if you'd mine !bitcoin on a less powerfull machine, can you earn *fractions* of 1 BTC per month & transfer that to your wallet?

                                Monday, 28-Oct-13 19:21:07 UTC from
                                • !Bitcoin at $215. I had two back at $10 and got rid of them. #

                                  Wednesday, 23-Oct-13 17:55:45 UTC from web
                                  • @kaimi und wie bekommt man !Bitcoin auf das neue Wallet? Übertragungen zw.beiden Wallets wären ja nachvollziehbar.

                                    Wednesday, 23-Oct-13 08:29:42 UTC from
                                    • @vinzv wenn man offline viel mit !Bitcoin einkauft wirds passieren,daß einen mal irgendwer erkennt->Verkäufer kennt Identität+BitcoinAdresse

                                      Wednesday, 23-Oct-13 02:51:39 UTC from
                                      • !Bitcoin price is again above USD 200

                                        Tuesday, 22-Oct-13 23:56:06 UTC from
                                        • @luke @mcnalu btw I read some ppl are now using the !raspberrypi for !bitcoin mining. Won't earn $$, but power consumption is low too.

                                          Saturday, 19-Oct-13 21:08:57 UTC from
                                          • @aegirs I replied to @johnnynull's dent , please look at this conversation

                                            Saturday, 19-Oct-13 19:58:15 UTC from
                                            • Winklevoss Twins had 1% of BTC in April but launched a # later -> more now. @lnxw37 @johnnynull

                                              Saturday, 19-Oct-13 19:52:28 UTC from
                                              • @luke i didnt click the link under 5 but read elsewhere 2 extremely rich brothers were / are accumulating tons of !bitcoin @johnnynull

                                                Saturday, 19-Oct-13 19:12:47 UTC from