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Bronies; London, ON

Bronies; London, ON


London, ON

Looking to find other Bronies in London, Ontario and area.

Bronies; London, ON (bronylon) group


  1. Where is everybrony?

    Monday, 19-Jan-15 19:37:03 UTC from web
  2. well, it is time! I have bought my first Pony merch. 3 lovely chinese made Plushies of Princess Twi, Pinkie and Derpy. About a month or so ago I also rescued a in plastic McDonalds Rarity toy from the fate of being thrown out.

    Sunday, 15-Jun-14 21:42:04 UTC from web
  3. I feel like a starving man, a whole 13 days without a new MLP episode

    Thursday, 17-Apr-14 04:05:25 UTC from web
  4. You know your a Brony when your driving around town with the windows down and MLP music blaring on the radio! That was me today, enjoying the weather. I have been listening to the MLP songs (original and fanmade) for many months straight now. I never seem to get tired of them.

    Friday, 11-Apr-14 23:56:47 UTC from web
  5. yay, nothing but warm weather in the forecast. Had the first BBQ of the year as well.

    Monday, 07-Apr-14 05:05:42 UTC from web
    • Ugh .....can hardly wait for the nice weather to stay. The only thing getting me through this winter has been MLP eps every Saturday.

      Monday, 24-Mar-14 19:55:29 UTC from web
      • <- cause my tablet hates me lol there's the proper link...

        Monday, 06-Jan-14 00:44:59 UTC from web
      • Poll for build a bear to help choose the next mlp release ;) personally, hoping for an aj or Lun a

        Monday, 06-Jan-14 00:43:40 UTC from web
        • It usually picks up when we plan stuff.

          Saturday, 04-Jan-14 22:46:34 UTC from web
          • wow....quiet group....thought there'd be more chatter.

            Wednesday, 01-Jan-14 18:03:16 UTC from web
            • Been enjoying watching mlp reaction videos lately. Until something awesome comes out.

              Monday, 02-Dec-13 23:10:31 UTC from web
              • Whoa whoa whoa what happeneddd?! O.o

                Sunday, 24-Nov-13 23:49:50 UTC from web
                • Whoa, new layout. Cool.

                  Saturday, 16-Nov-13 01:25:53 UTC from web
                  • !bronylon Just want to say hello to Bronies of London Ontario!

                    Monday, 11-Nov-13 04:50:07 UTC from web
                  • !bronylon To those with midterms...

                    Wednesday, 16-Oct-13 12:56:32 UTC from web
                  • !bronylon hey everypony! We will be meeting up this Saturday from 12 to 2 at fanshawe in room SC 2012. Hope to see y'all there!

                    Thursday, 03-Oct-13 13:43:33 UTC from web
                    • !bronylon So are we meeting Saturday? What room? :)

                      Wednesday, 02-Oct-13 19:30:53 UTC from web
                    • !bronylon No buyers, I take it?

                      Thursday, 26-Sep-13 00:49:17 UTC from web
                      • !bronylon why cant this stuff be posted on the facebook page lol

                        Sunday, 22-Sep-13 09:54:44 UTC from web
                      • !bronylon See now, this is what happens when I'm away from bronies for too long. :I

                        Saturday, 21-Sep-13 00:39:48 UTC from web
                      • !bronylon cosplay. Not display... Stupid tablet...

                        Thursday, 19-Sep-13 18:56:50 UTC from web
                        • !bronylon OK so the surprise was gonna be that the bronylon group would meet up at project play XD buuuut I've not heard anything more on it, and the event is on Sunday... If anyone is able to make it, that'd be awesome :) it's at fanshawe, $10 gets you in, and hopefully more bronies will be there this year ;) dress in costume if you'd like! There is a display contest :3

                          Thursday, 19-Sep-13 18:56:07 UTC from web
                          • !bronylon happy Monday!!! Well... As happy as 720am can possibly be ((ohgosh so tired ;-; lol))

                            Monday, 16-Sep-13 11:19:02 UTC from web
                          • !bronylon And it has a place on the back for you to hang it.

                            Thursday, 12-Sep-13 13:04:12 UTC from web
                            • !bronylon I bet it's gonna be really cool. Make sure you take pictures, okay? On another note, I'm selling something I made a while ago. Pictures will be attatched. It's 10"x12", and it's $15 OBO. I'm kinda strapped for cash here in college, and every little bit helps.

                              Thursday, 12-Sep-13 13:02:46 UTC from web
                              • !bronylon I could ruin the surprise right now :P

                                Thursday, 12-Sep-13 00:59:26 UTC from web
                              • !bronylon meep! It seems like thunder lane is up playing in the clouds!!! Stay safe everyone!!!!

                                Thursday, 12-Sep-13 00:44:21 UTC from web
                                • !bronylon Now you can't just say something like that @kitsu; you make it too suspenseful.

                                  Wednesday, 11-Sep-13 19:11:46 UTC from web
                                • !bronylon something exciting may be happening soon! Keep your eyes peeled fillies and gentlecolts! ;D

                                  Tuesday, 10-Sep-13 00:06:37 UTC from web
                                  • !bronylon Does anyone know if there is a brony meetup in Ajax?

                                    Wednesday, 04-Sep-13 00:39:05 UTC from web