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First Church of Friendship

First Church of Friendship



The First Church of Friendship was founded upon the collaboration between the Church of Celestia and the Cult of Nightmare Moon resulting in a remixing and harmonizing of the faiths towards a common goal!

1. Tolerate and Love the shit out of everyone!
2. Rule 1, especially when they are hating.

First Church of Friendship (churchoffriendship) group


  1. Lets see now. I've made an account. Dug around some. And I am probably going to like it here a lot :) Now I never did something like twitter or facebook, does anypony think they can give me link to a F.A.Q. , show me around, and perhaps tell me how RSS feeds work ?

    Sunday, 10-Apr-11 09:59:14 UTC from web
  2. @darkcore # just needs a little love and care, and then it can be nice~

    Sunday, 10-Apr-11 07:50:21 UTC from web
  3. !churchoffriendship New group photo .. keeping it classy.

    Sunday, 10-Apr-11 06:18:18 UTC from web
    • !churchoffriendship exactly .. we don't ask too much of people lol

      Saturday, 09-Apr-11 09:06:02 UTC from web
      • !churchoffriendship Thanks to all the members so far. Maybe one day the world will look back to these forums and thank us for starting something amazing.

        Thursday, 07-Apr-11 14:44:38 UTC from web
      • HUZZAH! !churchoffriendship rules!

        Thursday, 07-Apr-11 14:40:21 UTC from web
      • !churchoffriendship is open! The only rule, Tolerate and Love the papayas out of people!

        Thursday, 07-Apr-11 14:39:16 UTC from web