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The Darker Side of Equestria

The Darker Side of Equestria

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Everfree Forest

From the dark shadowy recesses of the Everfree forest come strange cupcakes from beyond space and OH GOD WHY CAN'T I STOP READING?!

The Darker Side of Equestria (cupcakes) group


  1. !cupcakes Complete Ask Pinkamina archive.

    Monday, 09-Jan-12 17:08:45 UTC from web
    • !cupcakes

      Tuesday, 29-Nov-11 08:35:47 UTC from web
      • !cupcakes

        Wednesday, 23-Nov-11 06:41:49 UTC from web
        • Eh? Why are groups being destroyed?

          Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 19:29:10 UTC from MuSTArDroid
        • It's also (oh my f****** Celestia), horribly executed. Make no mistake, to me, the only bad story is one that's badly executed. Spiderses, when judged for what it aims for, is well executed. Cupcakes, as I mentions with my reaction, is horribly executed. It tries to be shocking and disturbing, but feels like a badly done 80's slasher script. It doesn't give anything for the mind to process. It just splays itself all over the table like a drunk sorority girl. Lastly, there's no f****** escaping it. People think it's clever or witty to refrence it. This poor attempt to shock people feels less a la AxCx and more like some angry, bitter f*** at school gouging "f*** this place" in his desk.

          Tuesday, 06-Sep-11 05:21:22 UTC from web
        • My thoughts on !cupcakes : "It's a terribly written piece of contrived tripe that is the fanfiction equivalent of smearing one's own fecal matter upon a canvas and declaring it art. The plot is weak, the characters are transparent, and even the descriptions of visceral horror for which it is so well known are poorly executed at best. And I love it. Oh do I ever love it."

          Monday, 05-Sep-11 19:53:14 UTC from web
        • !cupcakes

          Friday, 02-Sep-11 17:04:59 UTC from web
          • !cupcakes Pretty eat it...

            Thursday, 18-Aug-11 05:22:49 UTC from web
            • !cupcakes Luna Game 0 has been released!

              Tuesday, 16-Aug-11 05:30:25 UTC from web
            • Why did nopony tell me this site existed until now? (I really should browse ponychan more often...) !cupcakes

              Tuesday, 02-Aug-11 15:08:10 UTC from web
              • !cupcakes

                Monday, 01-Aug-11 06:06:54 UTC from web
                • !cupcakes Seven days...

                  Monday, 25-Jul-11 16:07:33 UTC from web
                • !cupcakes More awesome creepy musics!

                  Thursday, 21-Apr-11 18:55:19 UTC from web
                  • !cupcakes kekeke

                    Tuesday, 19-Apr-11 06:16:10 UTC from web
                    • !cupcakes This thread is excellent!

                      Monday, 18-Apr-11 17:07:37 UTC from web
                    • !cupcakes !writeponies It's been too long since I've read a good grimdark fic. Need inspiration for my Higurashi-style fic I'm working on. Any recs?

                      Thursday, 14-Apr-11 05:37:15 UTC from web
                      • So i was browsing up youtube, all normal stuff no biggy, when i see a pony video called, "The end is neigh" I clicked, even if the thumb nail was AB with the creepy smile. So i was watching and apperantly, theres this game around the internet called Luna Game, yes its pony duh, were you play as a luna and you just go around and jumo over platformsm but be warned. After a while a random creepy pic shows up, i know there are two, one of pinkie with black eyes and one of AB. They have a creepy sound behind it as well now heres what i think is well stupidish, the game saves screenshots of the pics and makes .txt's saying inside 'The end is Neigh'. Has anypony seen this game before?

                        Sunday, 10-Apr-11 08:03:49 UTC from web
                      • !cupcakes Also, she knows:

                        Sunday, 10-Apr-11 07:01:41 UTC from web
                        • Feeling in a mischievous !cupcakes mood. Gonna work on my Higurashi-esque fanfic some more methinks.

                          Sunday, 10-Apr-11 06:59:21 UTC from web
                          • !cupcakes Rare Weeping Pegasus Footage -

                            Saturday, 09-Apr-11 06:02:18 UTC from web
                          • !cupcakes The infamous April Fools' Luna Game still exists! WARNING: it DOES have some virus-like attributes, so read everything before deciding to try it. Also, launch it in its own folder.

                            Saturday, 09-Apr-11 17:02:14 UTC from web
                            • Music to read !cupcakes by:

                              Friday, 08-Apr-11 06:53:28 UTC from web
                              • !cupcakes New alternate ending to Rocket to Insanity posted on Equestria Daily. Bit of a saccharine clash to that which came before.

                                Friday, 08-Apr-11 06:24:29 UTC from web
                                • !cupcakes am I the only one who DOESN'T have a problem with cupcakes?

                                  Thursday, 07-Apr-11 06:02:55 UTC from web
                                • !cupcakes Required reading: &

                                  Thursday, 07-Apr-11 06:01:25 UTC from web