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  1. !ohiobronies !customponies Peanut Bucker Custom Pony -

    Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 20:42:34 UTC from web
  2. !customponies I got my new rehair needles today, so I am on a rehairing roll. So far I have done Peanut Bucker the !ohiobronies mascot. Next up I am gonna rehair a couple of Derpy's.

    Wednesday, 21-Sep-11 17:20:10 UTC from web
    • !customponies Another custom I finished painting today. Her name is Flutterfluff and she is for an art trade I am doing. -

      Thursday, 15-Sep-11 07:08:49 UTC from web
      • !ohiobronies !customponies Took some WIP photos of Peanut Bucker earlier. -

        Thursday, 15-Sep-11 04:38:54 UTC from web
      • !customponies Apparently I do go with the customizing of ponies. Twice in the past day I gotten commissions for OC ponies.

        Wednesday, 14-Sep-11 15:57:08 UTC from web
        • !customponies I finished a few customs recently. First up is Lucky Wish - Next is Moondancer -

          Monday, 12-Sep-11 03:18:03 UTC from web
        • !customponies I have updated with a few WIP ponies and one of my finished customs. Check out my custom pony blog -

          Monday, 05-Sep-11 20:47:18 UTC from web
          • !customponies Project:Derpy Update!! -

            Monday, 05-Sep-11 02:05:27 UTC from web
          • I would really like to know where my tweezers I use for de-hairing ponies have vanished to. !customponies

            Sunday, 04-Sep-11 23:55:26 UTC from web
          • !customponies # Custom Spitfire blindbag is still totally up for sale at - leave me some feedback if you like! I'm also trying to figure out what pony I should do next! Suggestions?

            Friday, 02-Sep-11 00:45:02 UTC from web
            • !customponies !ohiobronies Currently working on re-hairing the Ohio mascot pony. Sooo much hair!! I will have her ready in time for the meet on the 27th.

              Friday, 19-Aug-11 05:54:35 UTC from web
            • !customponies Yay!! The hair I ordered finally showed up. Now to re-hair some ponies.

              Thursday, 18-Aug-11 14:37:12 UTC from web
              • My custom pony commissions are now open! - !customponies

                Thursday, 18-Aug-11 05:04:02 UTC from web
                • Don't mind me, bronies, but I'd like to pimp my newest blind bag pony over on Ebay - it's a retooled Pinkie Pie made into a mailfilly Derpy. Give it a gander if you please, I'm really proud of her. <3 !customponies

                  Thursday, 18-Aug-11 03:46:17 UTC from web
                • !customponies I finished Derpy # and she is for sale on ebay. Photos and info on my customs blog -

                  Thursday, 18-Aug-11 00:03:31 UTC from web
                  • !customponies Finished re-hairing Derpy number 2 tonight. I love my new rehair tool, makes re-hairing so much easier and faster. Anyways photos of Derpy will be posted tomorrow sometime. She will also be on ebay for sale.

                    Wednesday, 17-Aug-11 04:02:43 UTC from web
                    • YAY!! G3 Derpy is all painted now. I will post photos tomorrow. All thats left to do now is seal her and re-hair her. !customponies

                      Sunday, 14-Aug-11 07:16:16 UTC from web
                      • Almost done painting G3 Derpy!! !customponies

                        Sunday, 14-Aug-11 06:40:09 UTC from web
                        • !customponies Project:Derpy Progress -

                          Saturday, 13-Aug-11 17:28:37 UTC from web
                        • !customponies Do these prices seem reasonable? -

                          Friday, 12-Aug-11 00:13:42 UTC from web
                          • !customponies WIP photos of the giant G&P Trixie custom I am working on. All of the painting is done on her, now I just have to seal her and re-hair her. I also have fabric on the way to make her hat and cape. -

                            Thursday, 11-Aug-11 04:14:22 UTC from web
                          • !customponies Here is Lucky Wish so far, she is the pony that won that custom contest I held a couple of weeks ago. -

                            Thursday, 11-Aug-11 03:46:13 UTC from web
                          • Almost done painting the giant G&P Trixie I am making. I just need to finish her eyes. I will post photos later. !customponies

                            Thursday, 11-Aug-11 01:39:15 UTC from web
                            • !customponies Prepping a Fashion Style Rarity for customizing. She is gonna become a G&P Trixie.

                              Monday, 08-Aug-11 02:20:25 UTC from web
                              • !customponies Project:Derpy -

                                Sunday, 07-Aug-11 23:31:22 UTC from web
                              • !customponies I think I am gonna go prep some of the ponies I got last night for upcoming customs.

                                Sunday, 07-Aug-11 17:30:30 UTC from web
                                • !customponies I made a custom pony blog -

                                  Sunday, 07-Aug-11 06:31:06 UTC from web
                                  • !customponies Derpy Hooves -

                                    Saturday, 06-Aug-11 20:35:05 UTC from web
                                    • Yay! The bigger bottle of sealant I ordered arrived today. !customponies

                                      Saturday, 06-Aug-11 18:55:29 UTC from web
                                      • !customponies Styling Derpy's hair right now. Tomorrow I shall take photos of her before I send her off to her new home.

                                        Saturday, 06-Aug-11 07:04:57 UTC from web