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  1. "@retl no. no. no. no. no. no. just. no. hateoful boyfriend. no." !ebooks #

    Saturday, 09-Mar-13 02:51:21 UTC from web
    • "Switched my monitor with my opinion is a spin off fighter game though, so not doing it to png. XD" !ebooks I AM NOT EVEN SURE WHAT IS GOING ON HERE

      Saturday, 09-Mar-13 02:48:47 UTC from web
      • "yolo swag 4120 blaze it,." This one is almost disappointing !ebooks

        Saturday, 09-Mar-13 02:48:03 UTC from web
        • RT @yodelerty @welcomepony YOU SMELL AND UR DUMB LOL !ebooks

          Saturday, 09-Mar-13 02:47:10 UTC from web
        • "Learning about the Super Bowl. As if university is more huggable" !ebooks

          Saturday, 09-Mar-13 02:45:13 UTC from web
          • "@dlcentaur I honestly can't explain it well without getting a little girl] Yup! #" !ebooks

            Saturday, 09-Mar-13 02:44:00 UTC from web
            • Eris repeated this.