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  1. Haven't been on RDN in months then come and fount this !fillyradio

    Monday, 11-Feb-13 00:00:32 UTC from web
    • wait i have been on # for almost 5 months now 0.o WHERE DID TIME GO? oh right i am not on here that often.... >.> plug !fillyradio

      Wednesday, 22-Aug-12 03:29:36 UTC from web
    • DJ-Otakon be rockin' them beats over at !fillyradio, come listen in! We're partying all night!

      Monday, 23-Jul-12 01:16:05 UTC from web
      • WestJ's live mixing on !fillyradio, come listen in for some awesome DJing!

        Sunday, 15-Jul-12 00:31:52 UTC from web
        • Hey, !fillyradio enthusiasts! The FillyCast is starting in half an hour! We'll be wrapping up BronyCon and talking about various other things as well. Come listen!

          Sunday, 01-Jul-12 23:32:06 UTC from web
          • Don't hate me 'cause I'm funny, don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful, you should hate me 'cause I'm better than you. !fillyradio

            Thursday, 28-Jun-12 05:10:25 UTC from web
            • !fillyradio is putting out a swag challenge. We need twenty more listeners, and then the live DJ will play Pony Swag while us in IRC spam the crap out of the channel. Come listen to the stream if you aren't already!

              Thursday, 28-Jun-12 04:06:48 UTC from web
              • long time no see # been gone a while. i really do have too many social media sites to watch over ;_; can't keep up with them all and hey anyone in !fillyradio ya still with me XD anyway good to be back #

                Saturday, 23-Jun-12 19:19:36 UTC from web
                • Everyone, get on the !fillyradio stream: WE MIGHT HAVE SWAG, POSSIBLY

                  Thursday, 03-May-12 23:14:01 UTC from web
                  • we are going to swag on !fillyradio go check it out only a few more listeners to go

                    Thursday, 03-May-12 22:40:54 UTC from web
                  • The autodj (aka Derpy_bot) is having some fun on !fillyradio. Listen in!

                    Saturday, 28-Apr-12 21:21:20 UTC from web
                    • again :3

                      Friday, 27-Apr-12 19:28:24 UTC from web
                    • Hrm, !FillyRadio ? Are you a group?

                      Wednesday, 18-Apr-12 01:06:30 UTC from web
                    • Hey non-existent followers! DJ WestJ is playing some pretty epic music over on !fillyradio. I think you'd be wise to come check it out.

                      Saturday, 21-Apr-12 02:14:22 UTC from web
                    • Hanging out in !fillyradio, live swag event if they get 18 listeners, want to join us?

                      Monday, 16-Apr-12 00:46:48 UTC from web
                      • that was epic on !fillyradio to those who missed it there will be a podcast recording available (eventually)

                        Friday, 06-Apr-12 03:38:07 UTC from web
                        • # listen in to !fillyradio we have @cyrilthewolf and soon joining us for a bit might be @forestrain check it out

                          Friday, 06-Apr-12 01:09:14 UTC from web
                          • hmm should i go on air on !fillyradio right now? i can't decide

                            Thursday, 05-Apr-12 01:37:42 UTC from web
                            • i have castle crahers also and cod black ops, mw2, and too many other games to list XD

                              Wednesday, 04-Apr-12 23:44:08 UTC from web
                            • # have i gone insane? i think so... !fillyradio

                              Wednesday, 04-Apr-12 00:57:28 UTC from web
                            • what is your favourite pony station station as in radio station, might be a podcast or something or music

                              Monday, 02-Apr-12 01:51:56 UTC from web
                            • @minti i swear that song !mintisflank is going to grow quickly on !fillyradio <3 it was played a few times today as well as that sweeper i made XD

                              Monday, 02-Apr-12 05:25:30 UTC from web
                            • dash dash dash dash dash dash rainbow dash !fillyradio

                              Saturday, 31-Mar-12 23:40:19 UTC from web
                              • @forestrain you're on !fillyradio right now!

                                Saturday, 31-Mar-12 23:33:27 UTC from web
                              • ok guys we are going to do something in !fillyradio just go to the website and click chat if we get 46 listeners we are going to swag the hell out of our chat :3 only 14 listeners needed LETS GET GOING

                                Saturday, 31-Mar-12 19:36:19 UTC from web
                              • @greydragon412 i was thinking that thought but i do need to pay attention if they call me anyway time to tune into !fillyradio :P (got to love self promotion XD)

                                Friday, 30-Mar-12 16:10:30 UTC from web
                              • and with that !fillyradio is back up and running :)

                                Thursday, 29-Mar-12 03:54:05 UTC from web
                                • well !fillyradio is down for next 3 1/2 hours as they do sub station maintenance so until then i need to be kept occupied

                                  Thursday, 29-Mar-12 01:04:27 UTC from web
                                  • OMG !fillyradio haha xD

                                    Monday, 26-Mar-12 20:08:45 UTC from web
                                    • so now i am just spending my time listening to some # on !fillyradio oh # what would i do if i didn't have you to manage lol huzzah for # :)

                                      Monday, 26-Mar-12 12:39:48 UTC from web