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  1. Oh, and by the way @purplephish20 # !hugphishy

    Tuesday, 20-Nov-12 19:06:00 UTC from web
    • @mushi by the way, finished this. Did as much of what you told me I could do with regards to the leg. It's better than it was, anyway

      Friday, 16-Nov-12 12:02:06 UTC from web
    • !hugphishy

      Wednesday, 19-Sep-12 10:04:44 UTC from web
    • !hugphishy

      Tuesday, 28-Aug-12 14:07:27 UTC from web
    • @woona !Hugwoona

      Sunday, 12-Aug-12 14:51:20 UTC from web
    • I hope he's okay...*curls up*

      Monday, 06-Aug-12 13:37:53 UTC from web
    • !hugcavatina !hugscribble !hughaku

      Friday, 20-Jul-12 16:53:38 UTC from web
    • !hugwoona !hugphishy !hugcavatina !hughaku

      Thursday, 19-Jul-12 18:26:34 UTC from web
    • !hugscribble

      Friday, 13-Jul-12 22:01:19 UTC from web
    • Right, have to go out for a bit. See you all later. <3 !hugcavatina !hugwoona !hugphishy !hughaku !hugeverypony

      Tuesday, 10-Jul-12 12:23:27 UTC from web
      • Back for a bit. !hugwoona !hugscribble

        Sunday, 08-Jul-12 13:22:47 UTC from web
      • International !hugphishy day

        Sunday, 24-Jun-12 18:44:15 UTC from web
      • Right, I'm expecting this all the be offline in 2 minutes. So I'll see you all later, *tacklehugs @scribble, !hugcavatina, and sophisticated handshake for cerulean

        Tuesday, 05-Jun-12 11:32:49 UTC from web
      • YAY PEOPLE ARE USING !hugphishy for a good reason <3

        Thursday, 17-May-12 22:02:23 UTC from web
      • How do i know @scribble kept on lurking even after he said he'd go a second time? he joined !hugphishy. :3. Willpower of a goldfish sometimes ^_^

        Wednesday, 16-May-12 08:20:59 UTC from web
      • I gotta go.... Unlike scribbs I promise I won't lurk.. Seeya

        Wednesday, 16-May-12 08:16:45 UTC from web
      • !hugphishy

        Wednesday, 16-May-12 08:13:23 UTC from web