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Lol, homework

Lol, homework

!lolhomework disregardhomework procrastination

Disregard homework, acquire ponies.

Lol, homework (lolhomework) group


  1. Hello everyone! ^_^

    Tuesday, 06-Nov-12 16:31:22 UTC from MuSTArDroid
  2. Is supposed to be doing homework > is listening to music and browsing memebase > !lolhomework

    Friday, 26-Oct-12 15:57:23 UTC from web
    • A wild homework appeared! Forte used Procrastinate! It's super effective! !lolhomework

      Wednesday, 10-Oct-12 16:51:41 UTC from IdentiCurse
    • !Disregardhomework, acquire Xbox

      Wednesday, 05-Sep-12 18:16:19 UTC from IdentiCurse
      • Distractions... !lolhomework

        Thursday, 30-Aug-12 19:25:20 UTC from web
      • !lolhomework

        Thursday, 23-Aug-12 18:15:48 UTC from web