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we write fan fics, and we don't care what people think about what we write. crappy or not, we just write write write. :3

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  1. I opened a script document about half an hour ago and since then have written five words - and the fifth word was just a redraft of the prior two. !lolwriteing

    Thursday, 21-Aug-14 18:26:30 UTC from web
    • !lolwriteing

      Saturday, 05-Jul-14 09:55:22 UTC from web
      • !lolwriteing Oh I should post my story on here lol

        Tuesday, 09-Apr-13 21:18:00 UTC from web
        • I writes article on Charities. Your news host, Hagard Trollestia will keep you informed. !lolwriteing

          Monday, 17-Sep-12 19:03:47 UTC from web
          • !lolwriteing Isn't it spelled "Writing" ..?

            Sunday, 16-Sep-12 21:56:21 UTC from web
          • I likes writing news, politicals stuff and also camping and outdoorsy stuff too. !lolwriteing

            Sunday, 16-Sep-12 21:57:01 UTC from web
            • man, I should really write my fan fic !lolwriteing

              Friday, 24-Aug-12 00:03:41 UTC from web
            • SUP BROS?

              Monday, 30-Jul-12 18:27:53 UTC from web
            • but where can i got to contribute to the brony community, i mean im not that good at drawing but i am awesome at coming up with ideas/improvements for things, i mean you can give me an suggestion, and i can improve upon it really well, what im saying is that im more of an ideas kinda guy anyone got a idea to help with my question?

              Monday, 30-Jul-12 00:42:47 UTC from web

              Saturday, 28-Jul-12 13:55:16 UTC from web
            • Yeah hi I'm back finally.

              Thursday, 26-Jul-12 16:51:24 UTC from web