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Western Pennsylvania

A group of bronies local to western PA.

WestPennBronies (pittsbronies) group


  1. !pittsbronies Hi guys. I am trying to get a meetup together that will put Pittsburgh bronies on the map (or at least EQD). Contact me at my email ( or on this site if you are interested or want more info. You won't be disappointed!

    Monday, 29-Apr-13 22:12:08 UTC from web
  2. !pittsbronies Hey guys! New here from Greensburg. Email me at

    Thursday, 24-Oct-13 05:46:58 UTC from web
    • !pittsbronies anypony live in or around Butler, Pa

      Wednesday, 09-Oct-13 00:15:58 UTC from web
    • !pittsbronies When is the next Brony Meetup? I really want to start socalizing with other bronies or do I have to make them myself?

      Tuesday, 23-Jul-13 23:08:59 UTC from web
      • !pittsbronies So, is anypony near Pittsburgh going to see Equestria Girls? I got a ticket at Carmike 15 in Greensburg at 11:00am. Would love to meet some of you there.

        Tuesday, 18-Jun-13 23:09:14 UTC from web
      • !pittsbronies Hello everyone :D I'm very glad to be a part of your group! I like to draw ponies. Please check out my work on deviantart or tumblr

        Friday, 19-Apr-13 02:33:24 UTC from web
      • !pittsbronies Hi im new is this place still active? Im not a big social network person so i might need poked and prodded from time to time. Im from monroeville.

        Wednesday, 10-Apr-13 04:49:05 UTC from web
        • !pittsbronies I'm kind of sad that no one has posted here in 5 months :( I see that on the Facebook page there is an meetup that somepony is trying to organize for the 5th - Perhaps we can actually make something happen?

          Wednesday, 02-Jan-13 14:58:37 UTC from web
        • !PittsBronies Hey everypony! I have started a new forum where bronies from all over PA can discuss MLP, plan meet ups, and more! The site is

          Thursday, 26-Jul-12 00:40:00 UTC from web
        • Changing name of !PittsBronies to !WestPennBronies and the new facebook page is The change is to reflect the entire intended area.

          Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 20:24:37 UTC from web
          • Facebook has killed !Pittsbronies I will now be renaming it in a sense to reflect Western PA. The group became facebook centered, and has too many admins that think that the facebook page is the only version that matters. This includes the fact that it's forbidden to have a meetup that is not within the city, which is not a good thing for those not in the city, yet alone CMU. As it is completely CMU. Turns out this is why I could not get any planning accomplished via emails with @foxox - the guy I left in charge of the facebook branch. This post has been made to verify to xiagu that my email I am about to send is legit.

            Tuesday, 10-Jul-12 02:50:21 UTC from web
            • Idlewild and Soakzone !Pittsbronies meetup has been moved to July 26! More details can be found here:

              Monday, 09-Jul-12 00:07:06 UTC from web
              • Idlewild and Soakzone !Pittsbronies meetup July 28! More details can be found here:

                Sunday, 08-Jul-12 03:25:49 UTC from web
                • My efforts to defragment the !pittsbronies group are finally starting to show progress. (After that unfortunate re-centralization from RDN to Facebook, it has left non-facebook users in the dark.)

                  Wednesday, 04-Jul-12 16:15:17 UTC from web
                • !pittsbronies and EVERYPONY ELSE TOO!

                  Saturday, 21-Jan-12 19:46:07 UTC from web
                  • While browsing EQ Daily I discovered, too late, there was a Pittsburgh meet-up last weekend hosted by !pittsbronies That's a tremendous disappointment, as I would have loved to attend! Ah well, next time! Hope everyone had fun!

                    Friday, 23-Dec-11 01:32:17 UTC from web
                  • One of my colleagues IM'ed me about my steam name was now 20% cooler (I changed it to Commander Hurricane) and I realized that the !PittsBronies groups were all on SOCIAL NETWORKS... He doesn't use social networks, and I bet he's not the only one. BUT a steam group fills that hole a little bit. So I created I would hope this does well, and maybe get a TF2 or Minecraft server running.

                    Monday, 19-Dec-11 03:14:00 UTC from web
                    • Rad meetup yesterday ponies!! ^^ @davidfg4 nice to see you again hehe, and @foxox nice to finally meet you as well. You ponies are rad as always. I hope everypony had fun. ^^ We had a nice diverse group, so that was rad. I hope nopony thought I was like avoiding them @leishy is awesome, and had me by the hoof the whole time hehe. We had fun though. I'd be totally up for the South Side Arcade one, but I can't drive 2 hours on a Thursday night after work, I'd be a zombie ponies for days. xD The CMU airing of the episode would have been rad, but my friends didn't quit drinking and finally let me drag them home until like 18:30 so sorry guys. xD Anyway it was a blast, hope everypony had a fun holiday season now. ^^ Laters. <3 !pittsbronies

                      Sunday, 18-Dec-11 17:29:04 UTC from web
                    • !pittsbronies Yesterday's meetup was pretty nifty. For those of you who aren't on the facebook group, there's talk of doing the next one at the South Side Arcade on some Thursday, where it's not quite as loud and they have unlimited play for $10 on Thursday evenings.

                      Sunday, 18-Dec-11 16:34:45 UTC from web
                      • @jinny I just sent something in. A bit late... But whatever.

                        Friday, 16-Dec-11 16:46:27 UTC from web
                        • Not going to the !PittsBronies meetup tomorrow. It's because of personal reasons. Like my mouth. (Have not been feeling the best after getting wisdom teeth out. This includes not eating enough.) Also due to me being short on cash this month. I straight up asked my family if we could all go to it together. My mom had the same two reasons (my health and that money is tight right now). If any other meetups fail, there's always Tekkoshocon!

                          Friday, 16-Dec-11 22:37:39 UTC in context
                      • !pittsbronies Hello everypony!!!

                        Thursday, 08-Dec-11 04:00:05 UTC from web
                        • @citrusrain so i heard your mom is forbidding the whole !pittsbronies meetup, but I think I have a plan that doesn't involve being sneaky. If I were to throw together a video of a CMUBronies meetup, it might give her an idea of what we're really all about. We have a decent sized group and there's even a couple girls who show up. Do you think it would help?

                          Tuesday, 06-Dec-11 14:00:26 UTC from web
                        • @jinny Just wondering... What is with those hours? I didn't think about it before... but I wouldn't be able to get them to go there until around 4 or later... Have any other !pittsbronies groups said anything about hours?

                          Saturday, 03-Dec-11 17:10:26 UTC from web
                        • !Pittsbronies I have taken the meetup pdf and made it 20% cooler. We can't have those other cities showing off their fancy fancy posters and leave us with... well... 2 cropped pics and a bunch of text.

                          Saturday, 03-Dec-11 02:57:07 UTC from web
                          • I'll be back after lunch my lovelies. ^^ Have a fun!

                            Friday, 02-Dec-11 17:07:36 UTC from web
                            • @jinny Well I have not been on here in quite some time... Just stopping by to see what I need to post to the G+ PittsBronies page... And to say that my mom threatened to kick me out of the house if I ever go to a meetup. (I'll have to get lucky enough to trick everyone to go to Dave and Busters and hope for the best)

                              Friday, 02-Dec-11 17:26:16 UTC in context
                            • @citrusrain Ah yes, I'm sorry to hear your mom is still like crazy against ponies dear. T_T I've got a carload of 6 non-Bronies/semi-Bronies going, dunno how many of the other are going to show up from the Pittsburgh area. We'll probably get there like 11:30 like right when they open. I can't believe it's only like 15 days until Dec. 17th already time flies. hehe. It'll be fun though. I hope you can trick them into going, we'll try not to Brony it up TOO much so you don't get in trouble with your mom. ;) Should be fun though, though, I don't really have much cash for giveaways. Sadly I'm a poor Jinny. I hope some ponies can show up though hehe. Hope to see you all there. !pittsbronies

                              Friday, 02-Dec-11 17:57:46 UTC in context
                          • !Pittsbronies now has a G+ page.

                            Friday, 11-Nov-11 21:38:21 UTC from web
                            • @jinny Eeyup! Laser tag!!! Gonna be fun, never done anything like that before, or paintballing

                              Thursday, 03-Nov-11 14:07:45 UTC from web
                              • @purplephish20 !Pittsbronies are pushing for some Paintball, but here the fall is a bad time as we have, roughly 7 months of winter. Very inconvenient for outdoor activity, though I'd rather not crawl around in the dirt, shooting ball of paint at other ponies. Silly really. I prefer laser tag, it's an amusing time. I used to play when I was younger, we had a Lazer Quest brand location near my hometown. ^^ Much more clean, and much more fun. :3

                                Thursday, 03-Nov-11 14:09:36 UTC in context
                            • @citrusrain Meetup on Sat Dec. 17th at Dave & Busters, let's bring in winter. For more details see: !Pittsbronies

                              Monday, 17-Oct-11 14:34:54 UTC from web
                            • From the twitter account that is linked to the facebook... ♻ !PittsBronies Hey all! I made an FB event for the CMU Bronies episode watching get-together happening tomorrow! Hope to see...

                              Saturday, 15-Oct-11 02:23:11 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                              • ...Oh... So when I disabled my REAL facebook... I left messages to certain people telling them to find me on G+. (then found that disabling removes every post ever made from visibilty) I went to disable the one holding the !pittsbronies page in it's existance... and it gives me the option to send goodbye messages. mfw

                                Thursday, 06-Oct-11 22:59:27 UTC from web