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For those who play pokemmo

Pokemon Firered Online (pokemmo) group



    Saturday, 16-Feb-13 23:04:12 UTC from web
    • oh hey, !pokemmo updated.

      Saturday, 05-Jan-13 00:01:42 UTC from web
      • Oh man, another saturday spent doing nothing ;_; I need friends

        Sunday, 14-Oct-12 00:44:16 UTC from web
      • !pokemmo helps someone out, doesn't get thanks.

        Saturday, 13-Oct-12 05:25:01 UTC from web
        • I choose you GARYDOS.

          Saturday, 13-Oct-12 04:22:25 UTC from web
        • !pokemmo I never knew EV training was so looong

          Saturday, 13-Oct-12 02:36:44 UTC from web
          • !pokemmo is it mean battling level 10 pokemon when yours is level 51?

            Thursday, 11-Oct-12 21:10:48 UTC from web
            • Operation stand in pallet town and see if new trainers challenge you with their low level pokemon, when I send out level 50's !pokemmo

              Thursday, 11-Oct-12 00:35:09 UTC from web
              • Great way of blocking the Elite 4. !pokemmo

                Wednesday, 10-Oct-12 19:39:12 UTC from web
                • wonder why we are all here.

                  Wednesday, 10-Oct-12 19:29:11 UTC from web
                • Playing some legit !pokemmo

                  Wednesday, 10-Oct-12 19:02:36 UTC from web
                  • Playing !pokemmo

                    Wednesday, 10-Oct-12 00:41:25 UTC from web