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TWiT.TV Fans

TWiT.TV Fans


Petaluma, CA

A group for fans of the TWiT.TV netcast network and it's shows, run by Leo Laporte.

TWiT.TV Fans (twittv) group


  1. !twittv The one time Ponies make the spotlight on TWiT, Pinkie Pie was spelled "Pinky Pie." facehoof

    Thursday, 11-Oct-12 00:32:13 UTC from web
  2. !twittv Video Proof that I got EFR on TWiT Live:

    Wednesday, 22-Aug-12 08:04:35 UTC from web
  3. !twittv If anypony missed it, I snuck EFR onto the TWiT Livestream.

    Wednesday, 22-Aug-12 05:13:50 UTC from web
    • !twittv Chatrealmers seeking the "Belt" song, look no further. I found it:

      Friday, 03-Aug-12 07:52:28 UTC from web
      • !twittv Leo Laporte is surrounded by Ponies:

        Friday, 27-Jul-12 05:10:41 UTC from web
        • !twittv This Week in Enterprise Tech's first episode is now up. See if you can figure out the "Stuff My IT guy says" before the solution is revealed. (Hint: It involves a 6 workstation network with 2 Hubs and 1 Switch) (cc @ceruleanspark)

          Tuesday, 17-Jul-12 00:33:58 UTC from web
        • !twittv Those that are fans of the NSFW Show on TWiT will appreciate this song, which is the outro song for the show:

          Friday, 13-Jul-12 06:07:51 UTC from web
          • !twittv This Week in Tech is now live with John C. Dvorak, Brian Brushwood, Clayton Morris, and Tim Stevens.

            Sunday, 17-Jun-12 21:57:42 UTC from web
            • !twittv This Week in Tech is starting soon around 3PM PDT with Kara Swisher, Jeff Cannata, and Andy Ihnatko.

              Sunday, 10-Jun-12 21:13:58 UTC from web
              • !twittv Sarah Lane of iPad Today, Tech News Today, and The Social Hour fame just posted a Scootaloo Chicken remix of a Cee Lo Green song on her Google+:

                Monday, 04-Jun-12 08:53:02 UTC from web
              • !twittv Made a group for anyone that watches anything from TWiT.TV. This includes This Week in Tech, Tech News Today, and etc.

                Saturday, 02-Jun-12 12:51:46 UTC from web