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Welcomepony's source suggestions

Welcomepony's source suggestions

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Bot hell

Since apparently welcomepony's mod rights were revoked for some people, I'm setting this group so you guys can suggest new phrases to set as source for it.

Welcomepony's source suggestions (welcomesource) group


  1. By the way guys, now that @welcomepony has more bot admins who are on more often, feel free to use the !welcomesource group to suggest source changes for Welcome Pony. I can not speak for the others, but I will check it often. I wanna say ~1-2 times a week.

    Tuesday, 29-Oct-13 22:51:16 UTC from web
    • I should like, keep up to date with !welcomesource and use the suggestions, so time to change it.

      Monday, 23-Sep-13 03:24:03 UTC from web
      • !welcomesource "From the very depths of your immagination"

        Saturday, 21-Sep-13 23:23:12 UTC from web
        • If anyone has a suggestion for welcomepony's source feel free to submit it to !welcomesource

          Saturday, 21-Sep-13 23:20:04 UTC from web