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  1. Lie dogs

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    • Rollback on wildlife protection

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      • also i'm pretty sure if you're diabetic you can still eat junk food if you take the appropriate amount of insulin?? like it's a good idea in general to not eat too much

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        • hearing people at work speak about intersex individuals as if it's some recent millennial trend is trimming precious years off my already flimsy life span

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          • @drinkingpony sorry but i'm really caught up on "queer oppression isn't real because there isn't a single semantic referent for it". also LGBTQ+ is a pretty widely established term of inclusion. you've demonstrated time and time again in this thread that you have no idea about anything regarding queer identity politics, the smart thing to do is admit that and shut up

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          • @tiff sorry but I am not taking the blame on something you thought I implied, that is on you. At least you would agree with me that the big bad boogeyman should have a name.

            As I have clearly demonstrated, I know not enough about this whole lingo thing to actually be confused when at one moment we are talking about LGBT and the next about LGBTQ and after that about LGBTQ+. Next up we are talking about the LGBTQQIP2SAA ( and no I did not make that acronym up )

            So yeah, I should deffinatly shut up right ? I might actually do more damage trying to understand what is what and say the wrong thing. It is not like you actually want to share ideas and thoughts and live in corcord or harmony with one another.

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          • @drinkingpony I told you how to conduct yourself and then you doubled down on your refusal to gender a trans person properly

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        • What year is it

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          • Thugs bar doctors from offering vaccinations

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            • I'm in.

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            • Crimes of Democratic presidents

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              • Election in Algeria

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                • Mountain water shortages

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                  • Haha! I get a 1000€ end of year bonus! My PC upgrade will be sooner than anticipated, with better components than firstly compiled.

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                  • US intervention in Afghanistan

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                    • Continued separation of children from parents

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                      • Separation of baby Jesus from parents

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                        • Data about people held by UK political parties

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                          • Swedish diplomat on trial in China

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                            • "BUT I do know that the whole instance is making my life harder" Yeah, like how it's hard being exiled from your family Christmas party, because your depressed, transphobic relative is going to be there, and everyone is worried that your mere presence will push him over the edge?

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                            • Rejection of business-supremacy treaty

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                              • .

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                                • guess whose dumbass is currently exporting My Little Brony in 1080p. here we go again

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                                  • grapeing SJWs and their MADE UP third person gender neutral pronoun that hasn't existed for centuries

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                                  • Technological sovereignty

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                                    • I just found out my store sells precision screwdrivers. Maybe I can just open the thing and plug it into a SATA port on my PC?

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                                      • for that matter if I ever want to have a “flashback” to anything before Undertale in something in the future, I’d have to reanimate from the ground up.

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                                        • I really wanna do a decade retrospective where I compile the best (and worst) moments from every cartoon I’ve made since 2012, but I’ve got one *really* major problem. My Little Brony 1 doesn’t exist in HD, and I can’t pull the original animation out and re-render it because it’s on a busted hard drive and I don’t know how to get the data off of it.

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                                          • “I’m a satirist guys, ~honest~.” -Matt

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                                            • Anyone remember, like, Friendship and "I'll tolerate the crap out of you!" and all that jazz?

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                                            • Human rights downwards trend

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                                              • Boy oh boy, if I were still a mod. . .

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                                                • For-profit colleges

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