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  1. Deforesters are burning the Amazon even faster than last year

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    • Dangerous Complacency

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      • Deregulated interest on payday loans

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        • UK plans on deporting two twins to different countries

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          • National Environmental Policy Act

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            • Urgent: Give the USPS more funds

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              • Changes in the new NAFTA

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                • Urgent: Migratory Bird Protection Act

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                  • (satire) Consulting firm Hewitt Lord

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                    • Urgent: call on Congress to pass the Eric Garner Act

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                      • Prisoners homeless when released or paroled

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                        • No clear PPE strategy

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                          • Movies and abortion

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                            • Warning citizens of danger of going in China

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                              • Minuscule FDR

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                                • Scihub

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                                  • Yazidi women are strong

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                                    • Trans rights activists and feminists

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                                      • Trying to coerce expatriated dissidents to go back

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                                        • Political contributions after going bankrupt

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                                          • Progressive tax rate on businesses

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                                            • Bolsonaro finally made it

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                                              • Statue of Cecil Rhodes

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                                                • Activists treated as criminals

                                                  about a day ago from
                                                  • Medical products' problems ignored

                                                    about a day ago from
                                                    • Reopening pubs in England

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                                                      • Atlantic coast pipeline

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                                                        • A woman who wants to live childfree

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                                                          • Goal to eradicate poverty by 2030

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                                                            • UK's big accountancy firms

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