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  1. I can't believe I haven't had a Splatoon Network CLM submitted yet

    about 38 minutes ago from web
  2. Heh, I think I'm gonna have to keep the camera up high here. The texture mirrors itself onto the interior at some parts.

    about 22 minutes ago from web
  3. Neko Atsume is very important

    about 27 minutes ago from web
  4. !clm We all know who REALLY won Splatfest.

    about 23 minutes ago from web
    • hey

      about 31 minutes ago from web
      • There are people in this world who think 51 - 49 = 1

        about an hour ago from web
        • So the results for Splatfest are in Looks like overall Team Dogs took this one for completely dominating the Popularity vote, though Cats did manage to secure more wins! Overall that was really fun, I had a great time with that and can't wait until the next one.

          about 3 hours ago from MuSTArDroid
        • EU Splatfest looks hilarious

          about 2 hours ago from web
          • Wait a second, I know what's going on here! I'm the monster

            about 3 hours ago from web
            • It's interesting. Reading Destiny's lore, you'd expect Warlocks to be the smartest players, but in actuality, they're all pretty dumb

              about 3 hours ago from web
              • Not sure if my neighbors are screwups or assholes, but they sure are good at setting off car alarms with their sky explosions.

                about 8 hours ago from MuSTArDroid
              • cutie pies

                about 9 hours ago from web
                • is it just me or the animation of yugioh duel monsters is a lot better than the animation of those others blatantly marketable animes?

                  about 10 hours ago from web
                  • @redenchilada Have you been supporting Team Cats?

                    about 11 hours ago from MuSTArDroid
                  • when people ask me "what does it feel to be an insect?" i ask them "what does it feel to be a human?"

                    about 11 hours ago from web
                    • i dont know about red's mom, but if it were me i woul dnever buy paint to a splatoon player

                      about 12 hours ago from web
                      • My mom bought some paint supplies the other day and asked me to join her, so I made this. The proportions bug me (and I got the light source wrong but I wasn't gonna redo 2/3 of it when I noticed :<) but I guess it's alright for being my first painting?

                        about 12 hours ago from web
                      • This is the thread for me

                        about 12 hours ago from web
                      • I remember when I had my first beer.

                        about 12 hours ago from web
                      • Well, if you've ever wondered what David Lynch would look like as The Hulk...

                        about 21 hours ago from web
                      • [21:15:15] Darkw00d: Don't you know mushi is offended by friendship

                        about 15 hours ago from web
                      • when you reffer to someone using a language you restrict all their potential as fully functional human being to a single symbolic expression and i find it real offencive.

                        about 15 hours ago from web
                        • simplified tumblr gender guide

                          about 15 hours ago from web
                        • .

                          about 15 hours ago from web
                          • There is a cool shop that lets you design your own tabletop RPG figure Sadly there are not so many accessoires and the options are not as many as I would expect. But it looks good.

                            about 19 hours ago from Choqok
                          • Sitting outside, pretty awesome over here. Cooling down, quite litterally. Although I wonder why I can still see the clouds at zero dark thirty

                            about 16 hours ago from MuSTArDroid
                            • Now all I want to do is stay in my little air-conditioned hovel, pretty much for all time.

                              about 18 hours ago from web
                            • Can we all acknowledge how cool my Destiny character is

                              about 17 hours ago from web
                            • Guess I'll just do laundry and get nothing accomplished on Destiny.

                              about 18 hours ago from web
                            • Well? What is it?

                              about 18 hours ago from web


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