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  1. Hey guys, if you're still active over here, make sure to sign up on the Facebook page ! Or e-mail me to add you! :)

    Saturday, 21-Jan-17 06:52:03 UTC from web
    • hey my skype is zackery_adams and anypony can add me

      Friday, 08-Jul-16 13:04:15 UTC from web
      • I should be completing all the work I have, yet I am here. Procrastinating. ._.

        Tuesday, 28-Jun-16 08:14:36 UTC from web
        • Hello! My Skype is Zebray.TheZebra if anyone does wanna know. :)

          Tuesday, 28-Jun-16 08:02:59 UTC from web
          • Hiya C: I am new around here

            Sunday, 29-May-16 10:24:34 UTC from web
            • Listening to dubstep and playing gun game on bo3

              Monday, 09-May-16 00:15:08 UTC from web
            • If anyone has any photo ideas post them and I will pick one

              Sunday, 13-Mar-16 04:15:24 UTC from web
              • My ps4 and 3 username is Luxray33 or Luxray3

                Sunday, 13-Mar-16 04:09:52 UTC from web