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  1. I just ate and now I feel hungrier than I did beforehand wtf

    about 5 minutes ago from web
  2. >Land with soviet tanks and cosmonauts on the moon
    >Find lunar lander and USA flag
    >Game engine doesn't let me run it over with my communist tanks
    I am disappointed.

    about 7 minutes ago from web
    • I'll do just about anything for money short of selling my body, but even then I think we can work something out.

      about 22 minutes ago from web
    • I mean. You know. If someone pays me

      about 24 minutes ago from web
      • This thanksgiving I swear to god I will go sit on Santa's lap

        about 25 minutes ago from web
        • That format is still popular with the kids, right?

          about 31 minutes ago from web
          • Maybe I should just make asdf style cartoons for easy views.

            about 32 minutes ago from web
            • Srsly though if you feel the need to diagnose yourself with every mental disorder known to man you probably have a few of them.

              about 37 minutes ago from web
              • knock tiara off of the top of popular #

                about 39 minutes ago from web
              • "Your baby has depression, ADD, ADHD, Asperger's, autism, bipolar disorder, Tourette's, and in curable brain cancer. All self-diagnosed, of course."

                about an hour ago from web
              • SCreenshot of steam games because why not

                about 43 minutes ago from web
                • *wonders if its okay to practice my spanish on here when i have the chance? :O

                  about 52 minutes ago from Mayonnaise
                • "Dad, is it my fault that you and mom split up?"
                  "Of course not, son. It's not something you can control, sometimes adults just make mistakes. And even though you were one of those, I still love you almost the same."

                  about 48 minutes ago from web
                • jeez it came with Battlefield 3 also. This is the life of a PC gamer, you forget the games you own

                  about 48 minutes ago from web
                • BAHAHA apparently I got the Sims 3 in some Humble Bundle a while ago. sick

                  about 50 minutes ago from web
                  • The English language makes no sense.

                    about an hour ago from web
                  • "This can't be right. Your baby was born with a bananas. Well, I'll just cut that right off for you, wouldn't want a little rapist running around the house.

                    about an hour ago from web
                  • In the future, doctors will be able to predict the lives that babies will take on.

                    "Congratulations! It's a plantkin dogkin panomnisexual trans-African animekin!"

                    *doctor makes uwu face*

                    about an hour ago from web
                  • I saw an Internet post somebody made about free food! Because I can't think for myself, I will agree that every golfer ever is a plaid wearing idiot! I should have been drowned at birth!

                    about an hour ago from web
                    • Possible # 3D rendering of That One Horrible Spider-Woman Cover.

                      about an hour ago from web
                      • If you like golf then you aren't as euphoric as me!!!!!!!!!!

                        about an hour ago from web
                      • Call of Duty!!!!!!! Doritos, fedoras, and Mountain Dew!!!!!!!!

                        about an hour ago from web
                        • I'm very narrow minded!!!!!

                          about an hour ago from web
                        • Recreational sports are for idiots!!!!

                          about an hour ago from web
                          • Yeah if you like golf you're a loser

                            about an hour ago from web
                          • I feel like the only person who likes the webcomic JACK

                            about an hour ago from web

                              about an hour ago from web
                            • long shot, anyone here used joombla before?

                              about an hour ago from web


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