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  1. I don't trust cops but that doesn't mean they're all bad people. I just don't trust them

    about 2 minutes ago from web
  2. Verdict: parking cars in real life is easier than playing Parking Star 3D

    about a minute ago from web
    • >inb4 "actual cops deserve a bad rap because they're all racists"

      about 8 minutes ago from web
      • The cop read himself that artistic performances including acceptance of donations is legally permitted and literally everyone in the subway enjoys the guy. But then the cop, with no legitimate legal grounds, calls in cherriesing backup, cuffs him, and takes his stuff. I'm disgusted.

        about 11 minutes ago from web
      • One of my classmates made "The Binding of Kappa" and the background music was Darude - Sandstorm on what sounded like the recorder.

        about 12 minutes ago from web
      • Guys, I'm sorry for doing nothing but complaining when I come here, it's just that I don't really have anyone here I can talk to about anything and you all jere are just about that only people I know that gave anything like a damn about me when my world turned to papayas over a year ago... so thanks for that and for putting up with my incessant crap

        about 2 hours ago from web
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        • @potatao That's just it, I'm really not doing all that well, everything has gone to papayas lately, I cant find a kiwiing job here, we got thrown out of my roomate's mother's house, I can't pay for my storage, my phone is going to be shut off, my bank account is in negative numbers, I just got a ticket I can't pay, it's all just falling apart on me and I can't fix any of it.

          about 47 minutes ago in context
        • @colfax What country do you live in? There must be some kind of program you can sign up for if this gets bad. Damn, my pa just managed to get a jobbed recently, and then you seem to not be able to get one. This sounds annoying as hell man! I, don't know. Any plans? And, how the hell does this happen on a regular basis? It seems to be following you, is it something you said? Was this happens stance getting back at you for insulting its mother?

          about 39 minutes ago in context
        • @potatao It happens because I'm a monumental mangoesup that can't get his life in order.

          about 23 minutes ago in context
      • I got bored and coded the Konami Code into my Computer Math project.

        about 26 minutes ago from web
        • The shutterstock gods smiled upon me and now my English homework is done. Bless.

          about 28 minutes ago from web
          • If they had just used their brains and let you send the screen buffer from suspended games to an image file it would've been an awesome feature.

            about 31 minutes ago from web
            • But then the fact that I have the certificate loaded on my console still is proof enough that I'm a shameless attention whore lolo

              about 32 minutes ago from web
              • What the murdock is a sonic

                about 36 minutes ago from web
              • This feature is literally only good for stroking your E-kiwi

                about 33 minutes ago from web
                • Shutterstock Gods give me strength

                  about 34 minutes ago from web
                  • "tentacle grape" thanks Google

                    about 36 minutes ago from web
                    • good night weirdoes

                      about 37 minutes ago from web
                    • unidentified NaNKB

                      about 41 minutes ago from web
                      • This is the most useless screenshot feature of all time. Also the 3DS browser still sucks.

                        about 41 minutes ago from web
                        • grapes it, that mangoesing app must be broken or some murdock.

                          about 49 minutes ago from web
                          • Alright, that's the second kiwiing time the Netflix App has Bluescreened my computer while I was working on something really applesing important.

                            about 50 minutes ago from web
                            • Hey wait a second, those are actual perscription glasses on the Kim Jong-il puppet.

                              about an hour ago from web
                              • I keep wondering why South Park hasn't done an episode about Korea yet, and then I realize that Trey and Matt already did a whole movie about it and that was probably exhausting.

                                about an hour ago from web
                                • .

                                  about an hour ago from web
                                • girl, i'm sleey, but i need you to send me that e-mail before i go to bed. just send me already

                                  about an hour ago from web
                                  • [21:15:26] Grimoire Liebe: A moment of silence for "Loli Killer."

                                    about an hour ago from web
                                    • LMFAO

                                      about an hour ago from web
                                      • "Of course, if you're not interested, there's the door."
                                        "Alright, thanks."

                                        about 2 hours ago from web
                                        • Well, actually, the voice he's using belongs to Gordy from Ned's Declassified, which I assume is close to his natural speaking voice than Mr. Turner.

                                          about 2 hours ago from web
                                          • Timmy Turner's dad just said "suck my cock". This movie.

                                            about 2 hours ago from web
                                            • Watching Team America for the first time. This movie is great.

                                              about 2 hours ago from web
                                              • "How to roll a joint" thanks google

                                                about 2 hours ago from web


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