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  1. something stung my heel

    about 5 minutes ago from web
    • Keep in mind that none of what I'm saying has much to do with what just happened. It's mostly the stress of the fact that MLB 2 goes live in a week and I don't think anybody's gonna like it.

      about 29 minutes ago from web
    • And that's why I'm curled up in a ball on my floor instead of working.

      about 9 minutes ago from web
      • It's like of I got on here and revealed that my father actually died in 9/11 and then talk about it nonstop for two years straight. Nobody actually cares, but I'd be getting sympathy anyway because 9/11.

        about 12 minutes ago from web
        • Seriously. I'm finally going to be free of these chains and it's actually making me sadder, because my backwards mind just works that way.

          about 26 minutes ago from web
        • Sigh.

          about 31 minutes ago from web
        • Of course it also might have something to do with my tendency to make promises I can't keep, my inability to do anything right, the garbage state of my art, and my awful singing voice.

          about 34 minutes ago from web
        • As for the other two clauses of the original argument, I do thoroughly enjoy HotDiggedyDemon and South Park, but Max Gilardi and Trey Parker and Matt Stone are all really hard working individuals that I really admire. Seth just collects a cheque at the end of every week and goes home.

          about 53 minutes ago from web
        • And people wonder why I think I'm worthless. It's because me saying ANYTHING starts EVERYTHING.

          about 36 minutes ago from web
          • .

            about 42 minutes ago from web
          • An open letter to the people who started RPing in the comments to MLB 1: Knock it off.

            about 41 minutes ago from web
            • Russia made MLB 2

              about 42 minutes ago from web
              • But what if one dose simply walk into Mordor?

                about 42 minutes ago from web
                • But who am I kidding. Nobody actually truly cares.

                  about 47 minutes ago from web
                  • Which reminds me. My Little Brony 2 is almost done. For realsies. And I know that you won't all appreciate the humor in it, and the animation will be pretty crappy, I'm not gonna lie. And this isn't to say that I don't want you to criticize me. Absolutely do so. It's why I share my work. Just take into consideration how hard I worked while you watch it, okay?

                    about 49 minutes ago from web
                  • I like South Park more and more the more I watch it.

                    about an hour ago from web
                  • If I was 13, I'd probably enjoy the show as it is today.

                    about an hour ago from web
                    • It's true, I do think Family Guy was pretty funny between its 2nd and 5th seasons. But it really wasn't the same show back then. It wasn't a "smart" show, but it also didn't rely on shock humor too often.

                      about an hour ago from web
                    • As I grow older, I also get more tired of gag humor, especially at the level employed by Family Guy.

                      about an hour ago from web
                      • How can people hate Vine

                        about 2 hours ago from web
                      • apparently I'm the only person who likes a lot of Vines then

                        about an hour ago from web
                      • I haven't even seen an episode since The Simpsons Guy

                        about an hour ago from web
                        • >getting a girlfriend

                          about an hour ago from web

                          about an hour ago from web
                        • @northernnarwhal Unsane scarred me for life because when I went to that concert Chris Spencer just stared directly at me with this look of intensity, and wide eyes that made him look like a psychopath about to murder me at any moment. At the same time I was being assaulted by the power of Unsane. And that's how I lost my hearing for most of that night, and almost dole myself.

                          about an hour ago from web
                          • you know what doesnt have flaws? shrek

                            about 2 hours ago from web
                          • I wonder if in the States, Cuban cigars will lose some of their appeal due to the two countries now having ties again.

                            about 2 hours ago from web
                          • vine is like tweeter of youtube

                            about 2 hours ago from web
                          • i've seen some vines, some of them are nice, but most of them seem to be dumb

                            about 2 hours ago from web


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