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  1. I feel sorry for people with Adblock who haven't seen that Geico ad on twitch

    a few seconds ago from web
  2. Speaking of being able to be sad, I'm sad right now. Somebody give me an MLP episode to watch, I have a Netflix subscription so I have all four seasons at my fingertips.

    about 18 minutes ago from web

    about 7 minutes ago from web
  4. Am i a cool kid because i eT broccoli?

    about 4 minutes ago from web
  5. I don't understand how people deal with this.

    about 26 minutes ago from web
  6. So, there is gonna be a tomorrowland thing here

    about 14 minutes ago from web
  7. It's safe to say I won't be going to anymore states so my grand total is 10 this month, plus Florida from years ago. Woo woo.

    about 14 minutes ago from web
  8. >420. cookies, enough to blaze it to infinity and beyond.

    about 17 minutes ago from web
    • Is it a good thing that as of last month I'm able to be sad again?

      about 23 minutes ago from web
    • Pretty boat

      about an hour ago from
    • I don't think it's entirely accurate to say that I have my kiwi together, because some days I still lie in bed feeling very, very sad. But if I don't finish this cartoon soon, I'll never get over it.

      about 28 minutes ago from web
      • Headbanging at 400km/h

        about 29 minutes ago from web
        • Hey everyone... we need to talk... #

          about 34 minutes ago from web
        • Madio party

          about 38 minutes ago from web
        • @voxxxrebel @nerthos You guys are cute together!

          about 39 minutes ago from web
        • murry christmas heres a thingy

          about 2 hours ago from web
        • Well, so much for liveblogging Showgirls. Wonder if CinemaSins has already covered it....

          about 44 minutes ago from web
          • I'm crying with laughter because this podcast is talking about geckos weightlessly banging away as their little satellite drifts towards the sun

            about 49 minutes ago from web
          • Oh man, I really hope this thing doesn't end up exceeding Newgrounds' filesize limit.

            about 51 minutes ago from web
            • Apparently there are geckos having sex in space right now

              about 53 minutes ago from web
            • Not a single script that Jonathan and I have written mentions our cutie marks. Hmm.

              about an hour ago from web
            • Maybe that's for the best, since Jonathan's cutie mark is a fedora.

              about an hour ago from web
              • Maybe I'll change it so that Moonbutt's tramp stamp wraps around Sunbutt's tramp stamp...?

                about an hour ago from web
              • Here's the design that I put on the Equestrian Flag. It's super simple, but I think it fits. Later in the series I'll edit the design to include Twilight's cutie mark.

                about an hour ago from web
              • What if Obama just like came out and said "I've converted to Islam"

                about an hour ago from web
              • Dash responsibly

                about an hour ago from web
              • buh

                about an hour ago from web
                • My fourth birthday was two days after 9/11. Talk about a mood killer.

                  about an hour ago from web
                • Or, rather, I hated Bush as soon as I was old enough to know about politics. I'm not gonna claim I knew who he was straight from the beginning, because I was three years old when 9/11 happened.

                  about an hour ago from web


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