Tyler Tyler & Tyler (sancho)'s status on Wednesday, 07-Mar-12 20:12:47 UTC

  1. !yorkshirebronies @wychwood so it's definitely an 11am start now? That's good, means I don't have to get up at quite-so-silly o'clock in the morning. I will be attempting to create a more coherent video/image gallery this time around. I am also within range of two shops that sell blind bags, so if everyone is interested I could buy a load and then distribute them out for those who want them. Can everyone let me know if that would be a popular idea or not, I don't want to buy out all of Asda's stock and then end up with 20 ponies left at the end of the day... though that would almost certainly allow me to complete my collection...

    Wednesday, 07-Mar-12 20:12:47 UTC from web in context


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