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Yorkshire Bronies

Yorkshire Bronies

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Yorkshire, England

We are British Bronies from Yorkshire / surrounding areas. We want to meet up and stuff. If you are interested in attending a meetup in Yorkshire, feel free to join!
Add yourself to our map! Click the link, hit the big red EDIT button on the left, search for your home town, right click the red marker that is over your town and click "Add a placemark". Name it as your RDN name or whatever and then we can all use this to see who is where! Be sure to hit Save where the EDIT button used to be!

Yorkshire Bronies (yorkshirebronies) group


  1. Hello, Please can some pony tell me where I can buy MLP FIM season 2 online? Or do I have to buy the DVD's? I got season 1 on iTunes but can't seem to find season 2. Thanks.

    Saturday, 07-Nov-15 16:51:04 UTC from web
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    • @njw Hi, if you mean buy as in actually possess, I believe your only option is DVDs. But if you mean buy as in pay for and bingewatch, then totally Netflix.

      Thursday, 21-Jan-16 19:11:27 UTC in context
    • @coltfury Got a project? Need help? Incomplete. Having feelings? Strange feelings? Feelings you've never felt? Incomplete. Is your body filled with hot blood, waving curves of sinew, and skin? Can you feel all that blood? Is it even your blood? How can you be sure? Incomplete. Are you dizzy from it all, all of this? What are your hands doing? Incomplete. Where are your hands now? Where have they been? Where are they going? Where are you going? Have you ever broken the surface of something with a hammer? Ever channeled sublime thought into sandpaper? Ever wanted to touch something because you feel things, because touch is the only sense you trust? Incomplete. What is trust? Is making a thing proof that you exist? Is fixing a thing proof that you have transcended mortality? History? Incomplete. Feel things? Feel things? You can do it . We can help. The Rainbow Dash Network

      Thursday, 21-Jan-16 19:12:18 UTC in context
    • @coltfury Thanks. I did get Season 2 DVD for Christmas :D

      Wednesday, 27-Jan-16 14:34:56 UTC in context
  2. Hello everyone! I am a new Brony in Yorkshire. Not really good at social networking and not quite sure how this site works. Thought it would be good to get to know some other Bronies!

    Friday, 16-Oct-15 21:16:49 UTC from web at 53°48'2"N 1°32'56"W
  3. Is this group still active and still have meets?

    Saturday, 12-Apr-14 16:28:48 UTC from web
  4. !yorkshirebronies Am I the only one who wants the LOE to be ready for activation ?

    Tuesday, 24-Sep-13 12:40:04 UTC from web
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  5. !yorkshirebronies I am so glad I found this group cause bronies are so hard to find around these parts

    Sunday, 15-Sep-13 20:16:35 UTC from web
  6. !yorkshirebronies hey guys, just joined this group, I look forward to meetups!

    Tuesday, 13-Aug-13 12:32:17 UTC from web
    • !yorkshirebronies Hi, I'm new here. I can't come to the next meetup unfortunately but I would like to get to one eventually. Also, I don't seem to be able to add myself to the map, and have no idea why.

      Wednesday, 20-Feb-13 13:28:04 UTC from web
      • !yorkshirebronies I erm... *sigh* My name is The Cowpony, and I'm the Crew 'Commanding' Officer for BUCK. I'm just wondering... if I can attend my first ever meet-up, ever, with you guys... sometime?

        Friday, 08-Feb-13 23:20:25 UTC from web
        • !yorkshirebronies Any plans yet for the next meet? =3

          Monday, 21-Jan-13 21:29:05 UTC from web
        • !yorkshirebronies Well guys, the time has finally arrived! The meetup tomorrow (Saturday 26th) marks our one year anniversary of meeting up! Let's make it a good'un! I'd like to make a shoutout to @rotation and @pawnheart - Thanks guys for hosting the 2011 November Sheffield meet, you guys are responsible for me creating Yorkshire Bronies, and I can't thank you enough for the good times everyone in this group has had over the course of 2012!

          Friday, 25-Jan-13 19:51:32 UTC from web

            Wednesday, 02-Jan-13 23:40:19 UTC from web
            • !yorkshirebronies Today was the first anniversary of Yorkshire Bronies, and I almost forgot to write a message. Happy birthday YB! It has been an awesome year, and we have all made a lot of awesome new friends!

              Wednesday, 02-Jan-13 23:39:01 UTC from web
              • !yorkshirebronies One year ago, my desk was empty. One year later:

                Tuesday, 01-Jan-13 21:05:25 UTC from web
              • !yorkshirebronies Happy new year everypony!

                Tuesday, 01-Jan-13 00:47:25 UTC from web
                • Dont we all just love one another so much

                  Friday, 28-Dec-12 21:57:57 UTC from web
                • @wychwood !yorkshire Pics or it didn't happen!

                  Wednesday, 26-Dec-12 21:08:30 UTC from web
                • !yorkshirebronies Awesome meet was awesome! Also, I've ended up with somepony's Yorkshire Bronies badge - if it's yours you can get it back at the next one ^^

                  Sunday, 16-Dec-12 13:52:48 UTC from web
                • !yorkshirebronies Meetup tomorrow! See you all soon!

                  Friday, 14-Dec-12 22:44:35 UTC from web
                  • !yorkshirebronies probably hopeless asking here, but are the guys I travelled on the train with from Huddersfield to the last Leeds meet here? AND ARE YOU COMING TO THE SATURDAY'S MEET? :O

                    Thursday, 13-Dec-12 17:53:34 UTC from web
                  • !yorkshirebronies Less than a week until the Leeds megameet! Don't miss out!

                    Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 20:16:44 UTC from web
                  • !yorkshirebronies man its been a long time since i have been on this site D:. hoping to make it to the hearths warming eve this year though work permitting ^_^

                    Thursday, 06-Dec-12 11:40:38 UTC from web
                  • Anypony coming Galacon next year? !yorkshirebronies !manechesterbronies !broniesuk

                    Wednesday, 05-Dec-12 19:23:17 UTC from web
                    • !yorkshirebronies Hey new member here, curious about more details of the meetup in Sheffield

                      Monday, 19-Nov-12 20:45:28 UTC from web
                    • !yorkshirebronies Wow, today's meetup in Leeds was absolutely amazing! So great to meet you and I eagerly await doing so again! Sorry for the major Derpyage, won't happen again. ;) Also, see the latest episode as soon as you get the chance. Definitely among my favourite of the series!

                      Sunday, 18-Nov-12 00:03:06 UTC from web
                    • !yorkshirebronies Hello all, it has been way too long I posted something here. And well, some things happened here: after 3 years of job applications I finally got a job, in Norfolk. So soon I'll have to leave these rolling hills and my friends (both those on four hooves and those on two feet) to start a new life. I never like to say goodbye, so I won't. After all, I can always come back oop north to visit. And knowing that I am going to work with ponies, horses, and donkeys is something to look forward to.

                      Sunday, 11-Nov-12 22:01:28 UTC from web
                      • !yorkshirebronies Hey. Recent convert/herd-joinee here, sadly temporary Yorkshire resident. That Leeds thought-bubble meetup sounds great!

                        Sunday, 11-Nov-12 16:11:58 UTC from web
                        • @wychwood Brill, thanks mate! Quick newb questions: What's the account name for the Yorkshire Bronies group? Can't seem to access it, tho I'm probably doing something wrong...also, the fb link doesn't seem to go to the event...If you're at the event Saturday, hope to see ya there, if not, I eagerly await whenever the next official meetup is

                          Wednesday, 14-Nov-12 22:15:56 UTC in context
                      • !yorkshirebronies Tumbleweeds just sayin

                        Sunday, 11-Nov-12 01:23:05 UTC from web
                        • !yorkshirebronies Is the Thought Bubble meet going to be happening? =)

                          Saturday, 10-Nov-12 16:32:16 UTC from web
                          • !yorkshirebronies Fantastic piece of White Rose artwork, by Kay!

                            Wednesday, 07-Nov-12 21:48:18 UTC from web
                            • !yorkshirebronies Any plans for another meet? =)

                              Saturday, 03-Nov-12 14:56:54 UTC from web