yorkiebrony's status on Wednesday, 11-Jul-12 20:45:36 UTC

  1. @hakupony Well, I already have a MSc and almost a PhD. Theory I have enough, but practical experience... Also, getting funding for yet another Masters... Besides, not everybody with a PhD ends up in academia. It is through the PhD that I discovered my love for (working with) horses and ponies. I looked into the possibility of doing an Anthrozoology MA in Exeter. However, I fear adding another degree to my list would be a handicap. You would be surprised to see how many highly-qualified anthrozoologists there are. Just do a search for the Anthrozoös Journal. Anyway, there is a 2nd reason why I leave academia: I don't like to live a life doing job applications every 1 or 2 years. The more I work with people the more I long to be in the stables. Despite being a sociologist I have huge difficulties interpreting human body language, but no problem with horses. This is also why I am more and more convinced my future is somewhere with the horses, and hopefully with Equine Assisted Therapy.

    Wednesday, 11-Jul-12 20:45:36 UTC from web in context